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Vergil trick overhyped?


The devil in the dark
Ok so I've been playing devil may cry most my life and I understood in dmc3 Dantes air trick forced you to do a helm breaker right after and even 4 forced you into an air combo but in 5 I don't see what makes
vergils trick so superior to Dantes ground trick/air trick, I use it all the time as an I-frame and see people talk about vergils doing that as if Dantes can't. Granted, I haven't played dmc5 vergil yet, I'm trying to beat BP with Dante first. But still, can anyone explain what exactly makes vergils mobility so much better than Dantes apparently?


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Xen-Omni 2020
Vergil can chain his teleports together back to back very easily, while dante can teleport up and to distance

But midair he swaps to skystar, having said that though dante has more mobility due to this expecially with guard flying

While vergil is limited in comparison


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If I'm not wrong, the higher Vergil's concentration, the further his Trick goes?
If his concentration is maximum, Vergil can Trick really far, like instantly close in when Cavaliere Angelo or Urizen teleports away.
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