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Untitled DMC story


Bad a$$ Gunslinger
Author's note: This is what wouldn't leave my head after playing DMC 5. It is not a continuation of my old story Crystal Caves. Yes it is an entirely new story. You may recognize some of the characters. There will be some new characters. But this is fic is the results of me listening to Devil Trigger on repeat. also if someone can come up with a title for this fic that would be much appreciated, I am at a loss. It's also perhaps slightly AU.

Chapter 1: (Part 1)

Eighteen year old Patty Lowell, walked into the office of Doctor Shara Hartwood. She spoke to the receptionist. Who told her to sit down and wait for Dr. Hartwood.

After a moment, Shara stepped outside her office and called Patty inside.

She entered the office and sat down on the couch. She looked around the office. It was then that she noticed on Shara’s desk was a picture of someone she recognized. Or at least someone she recognized was in the photo. It was Dante. She was sure of it.

“That photo on your desk,” Patty starting to say.

“The one you’re starring at?” Shara asked.

“Yeah,” said Patty. “How do you know him?”

“Let’s call Dante a good friend,” said Shara. “I could ask you the same question?”

“Well he used to take care of me,” said Patty. “Although sometimes I took care of him, as often as I had to clean up his place.”

“I see,” said Shara.

“Who’s the other guy in the photo?” Patty asked. “I assume the woman is you.”

“That would be a correct assumption,” said Shara. “and his name is Vergil. He’s Dante’s twin brother.”

“He never mentioned having a brother,” said Patty

“Probably ‘cause they’ve never really gotten along,” said Shara.

“Oh,” said Patty.

“They were always fighting even when we were kids,” said Shara.

“Oh,” Patty said again.

“Mhmm,” said Shara.

“Is Vergil your husband?” Patty asked, noticing the pictures of Shara’s kids.

“Nope,” said Shara. “But he is the father of my children.”

“How come you’re not married?” Patty asked.

“Miss Lowell this your therapy session not mine,” said Shara.

“Oh right, sorry,” said Patty.

“It’s alright,” said Shara. “Now why have you come to see me?”

“My mother thought it was a good idea,” said Patty.

“Oh why did she think it was a good idea?” Shara asked.

“She is concerned,” Patty said.

“Why?” Shara asked.

“She says cause I attempted to invite Dante to my birthday party,” said Patty.

“I see,” said Shara. “He declined eh?”

“Yeah,” said Patty. “she is worried I’m like obsessed with him or something?”

“Are you?” Shara asked.

“Am I what?” Patty asked.

“Obsessed with him?” Shara asked.

“No of course not,” said Patty defensively.

“Then why would you invite him to your party?” Shara asked.

“I wanted my friends to meet him,” said Patty. “You know cause I told them about him, about how he took care of me.”

“Oh I see,” said Shara.

“And my friends suck now they are telling me he doesn’t exist,” Patty said.

“He exists alright,” said Shara.

“Yeah I know,” said Patty.

“You know let me call him,” said Shara. She picked up her phone and dialed the number for Dante’s office.

“Devil May Cry,” said a female voice.

“I’m looking for Dante,” said Shara.

“Dante isn’t here now,” said the female voice.

“Oh that’s fine, Have him call me when he is,” said Shara.

“No offense but you’ll be waiting forever,” said the female voice. “He is currently trapped in the underworld with his brother.”

“Oh god sweet god in heaven,” said Shara. “what did Vergil do now?”

“Long story,” said the female voice. “How much time do you have?”

“Not a lot at the moment,” said Shara. “Sorry who am I speaking with?”

“Trish,” said the female voice.

“Hi Trish I don’t know if you remember me, but it’s Shara,” said Shara.

“I figured it was you when you asked what Vergil did,” said Trish.

“Alright,” said Shara “I can come by the office, later.”

“Sounds good,” said Trish.

“Give me about an hour,” said Shara.

“Okay see you then,” said Trish. She hung up.

“Well apparently Dante is unreachable by phone right now as he is in the underworld,” said Shara.

“Why?” Patty asked.

“I don’t know,” said Shara.
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Bad a$$ Gunslinger
Part 2:

Meanwhile in the Underworld….

“How long before Meggie comes to get us?” Dante asked.

“I don’t even know how long we’ve been here,” said Vergil. “It’s possible Meggie doesn’t know were here? Does Nero know she exists?”

“Don’t think so,” said Dante. “Now that I think about it, no. and we’ve been here 22 days.”

“Oh I see,” said Vergil.

“Come on you don’t want to get out of here?” Dante asked. “Don’t give me any bullshit.”

“I know where you are going with that,” said Vergil. “And Shara would never…”

“What? Forgive you?” Dante asked.

“Yeah,” said Vergil.

“Nah she will,” said Dante. “She loves you. And you love her.”

“Aye,” said Vergil. “And Trish?”

“What about Trish?” Dante asked.

“Do you love her?” Vergil asked.

“Yes hence why I married her,” said Dante.

“When did you marry her?” Vergil asked.

“A few months after she became my partner,” said Dante.

“Oh I see,” said Vergil.

“Yeah,” said Dante. “So when are you gonna marry Shara?”

“I do not know,” said Vergil.

“When we get out of here consider putting a ring on her finger,” said Dante.

“I’ve been thinking of that for years,” said Vergil.

“Years? How many? Can’t get John’s blessing?” Dante asked.

“No I got it years ago,” said Vergil.

“Oh, alright then,” said Dante. “when did you get it?”

“After Caroline was born,” said Vergil.

“ah alright,” said Dante. “Shara is Nero’s mom right?”

“Yes,” said Vergil. “And she’s Caroline and Dorrett’s mother too.”

“I forgot about Caroline and Dorrett,” said Dante.

“Great uncle you are,” said Vergil.

“Great father are you,” said Dante.

“Touche," said Vergil.

Dante chuckled perhaps because he thought he had gotten the upper hand in the conversation, that is if one could gain such a thing.

"Have you even seen Caroline and Dorrett, recently?" Dante asked.

Vergil shook his head.

"Not since they were little," he said.

"And they are how old now?" Dante asked.
Vergil thought for a moment, doing the math in his head.

"Caroline is 21, and Dorrett is 18," said Vergil.

"Plans for any more?" Dante teased.
Vergil raised his eyebrows.

"I think not considering Shara is almost 40," said Vergil.

"Never say never, bro," said Dante. He laughed.

"I didn't say never," said Vergil. "I said I think not."
Dante said nothing.
When he opened his mouth to speak a moment later Vergil stopped him. He had decided he liked the silence.


Bad a$$ Gunslinger
Chapter 2
Part 1

Shara finished up the session with Patty and went straight to the Devil May Cry office, after cancelling the rest of her appointments for the day.
"Oh dear, sweet heaven" she said after Trish explained what had happened a month prior.
"Not exactly my choice of words," said Trish.
"Yeah I know," said Shara. "Vergil is and always will be an idiot."
"Your idiot" said Trish.
"Yes my idiot," said Shara. "But an idiot neither the less. Way back when I used to think Dante was the idiot but they are both idiots in their own ways."
"True," said Trish.
"How do we get them back?" Shara asked. "should we call Meg?"
"Probably," said Trish. "She'll know how to open the hell gate."

Trish grabbed the phone and called Megara. She answered on she third ring. Trish filled her in and asked her to come by the office. And she said be there in 10 minutes, as her apartment was only 2 blocks away from the office.
She showed up true to her word 10 minutes later. Her snow white hair in a messy ponytail.
"So are you guys sure you want them back,?" Megara asked.
"Yes," Shara and Trish said in unison.
"Okay okay, I need another blood relative," said Meg.
"what about Nero?" Trish suggested.
"what about my son?" Shara asked.
"I need him to help me open the hell gate to get my idiot brothers back," said Meg.
"I can call him," said Trish.
"sure let's have a heart warming family reunion," said Meg.

Trish once again picked up the phone, this time she dialed the number for the van.
"Devil May Cry," said Nero
"Hey Nero,"
"Oh hey Trish," said Nero.
"Can you come to the office, we devising a plan for getting Dante and Vergil back," said Trish.
"Do they have to come back?" Nero asked.
Trish said nothing so for a moment there was a silence.
"Okay fine, be there in five," said Nero. He hung up.
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