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Thoughts on devil May Cry Replay After 10 plus years


First of all, I realised I'm still not a good Devil May Cry player. I played on yellow, normal, but I've had to use a lot of vital stars.
Had to do the Arkham fight double jumping and attacking the fish. Skin of my teeth. But you do feel so much more powerful
by the end of the game, taking out so many bosses in mission 18.

But... the game is so good. I personally always liked DMC games for the story, characters and cut-scenes, and of course atmosphere.
My main thought playing this is that it would never be made again. There will be other strange games, or unique games,
but this DMC3 is on such a level it can only be made in the era it came out. I know there is DMC5 but that's it's own feel and era I think.
That fight between Dante and Virgil took me right back to the first time I played. And there was nothing memeable or funny about it to me then
it was serious business ha. The music in it is so good.

Other thoughts are it really seems to me to be a sequel that is rare. Like Castlevania 3, it is a game for people who have mastered the first game
and who were turned off by the second. It's a sequel that is harder than it's predecessors like Hotline Miami 2, Tomr Raider 3 or
Mario the lost levels. Known for it's difficulty, but also making it's predecessors harder to go back to. In my opinion. I love
sequels like that.

Lastly I miss posting in forums, use to follow forums all the time. t's cool to have a place to post thoughts.
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