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The Baldur's Gate 3 "controversy"

Dr. Cheesesteak

Well-known Member
So, this topic is originally a bit old, a few weeks or so, but has picked up more steam recently, given the success of BG3. I am talking about devs stating BG3 should not set the expectation for future AAA games.

These devs are getting criticized by ppl who interpret this as them saying they don't want to make good, complete games. But it's quite the opposite and some devs get into this in more detail. It's not that devs don't want to make good, complete games. It's that they CAN'T, given their work conditions and expectations under publicly traded AAA companies/publishers.

Do y'all have any thoughts on this? I'm not sure if the general topic of "publicly traded AAA games restrict creativity and freedom" should be the topic of discussion or just the narrowed focus on the BG3 context.

This, as usual, does make me really appreciate Valve and Epic as the last bastions of independent AAA developers. Although...I guess where we see that has lead them - to just not really making new games that often lol. Well, Valve still kinda tries.
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