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Text box typing issues


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So I think I'm not the only one with this issue: is anyone else finding that when they use anything other than a computer to type on the forums, the keyboard closes down upon using the back space or enter key?

Mad annoying, right? But there is a temporary fix: click the little cog symbol in the text box before you type and you can use all the keyboards keys without a problem. But the tradeoff is that you won't be able to utilise any of the other buttons within the text box - it is all we can do at the moment, however.

Steve is looking into it as it could well be an issue with an add-on, but what we need from you lovely people is if you are having this issue please let us know in this thread so we can find out what the flipper dipper is going on and hopefully fix it.

We need to know what device you're using and the operating system it is, e.g. mobile phone and Android.

And yes, I did say flipper dipper.

Enjoy that, it's free.


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F.Y.I. the stock xenforo software is currently in beta for 2.2, the text box will be reworked on release. So, if you're using any plugin that deals with the text box, remove it in preparation.

xenforo 2.2 is currently on Beta 5, so we should have this released in October or November depending on if RC stages makes XF satisfied or not.


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Still investigating this issue... bit of an odd one. Apologies for the faff, guys. @Carlos is correct and a big update to XenForo is on the horizon, but we do obviously want to get this issue sorted ASAP.

For anyone encountering the issue. Please try Angel's suggested fix of activating the 'cog' option in the message reply box. This will hide the WYSIWYG BBCode options, but if you are familiar with BBCode it is possible to input the tags manually.


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This will hide the WYSIWYG BBCode options, but if you are familiar with BBCode it is possible to input the tags manually.

Also, you can deactivate the cog when you've finished typing, select any part of your message you want to insert BBCode on and then click the desired BBCode button on the toolbar. :)

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EDIT: I test all known features that I know from textbox so this feature on my phone is fine still hopefully @Steve can fix it for everyone.

Device: mainly Samsung Android 10.
Browser: Samsung Internet
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Good to know that it's working fine for you @Dark Angel. The issue was not happening for me, either, but now I know why. This issue is completely down to a recent Chrome browser update on Android - specifically the Chrome v85 update. The XenForo team were able to confirm as much recently. If you are an iOS user using Chrome (or any other browser), you are fine; if you are an Android user running any browser other than Chrome, then you are fine. I use Firefox on my Android phone and I can confirm that Firefox is not affected by this issue, but I can't expect people to change their browser because of this issue.

Chrome Canary users have been able to confirm that this issue is fixed in Chrome Canary v87, so it's likely that a fix may be introduced in the next update to Chrome on Android. It's also worth noting that this issue is not exclusive to XenForo, and will likely occur for a multitude of platforms that utilise any of the more WYSIWYG editors (Froala, TinyMCE, etc.)
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