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Tech Question - Mid Air Prop


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Does anyone know how to make Osiris do the ground spin in mid air? I've seen it in one video but can't replicate it at all. It seems like a bug almost. The player does a mid air drop attack with the Axe then grapples to the demon and does a mid-air prop. Jump canceling doesn't work and I don't know if buffering during the pull works but I do know I can't find the timing for it. Sorry, I can't find the video anymore.


Random modder & playa
Get rid of the skill "leap." It's necessary cause you need to use the jump button to do ground attacks in air but leap prevents that.
Get the enemy in air (High time, Payoff, Tremor, drop, etc). Then Angel Lift to the enemy. But while Dante is in animation of Angel Lift, you'll need to buffer your inputs. It depends though. For example forward forward moves (Trillion stab, Flush). But you'll need to buffer forward. Not the attack, special and jump button.
Once Dante gets to the enemy, you'll need to jump and press attack/special. Since Prop doesn't need to press forward to execute the move, you just press jump and special to execute prop. The timing is a bit hard though.
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