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Tech - Osiris Prop Spin


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There is a method of using Prop directly under an enemy and instead of remaining in place, Dante spins as well creating a much more stylish look. Here is a video to show what I mean. This is not the only video it is in, I've seen it used in many combo vids, including ones without mods. The combo starts at 6:48 the Tech I'm talking about happens at 6:58. I timestamped it for ease of use.

If anyone is still out there, I'd really appreciate a nuanced explanation of this. I have gotten it to work for me but I can not do it on command. I use the Definitive Edition for your information.


Random modder & playa
It has to do with the placement of the enemy on prop. All you have to do is prop, gun cancel w/ Ebony & Ivory, prop again but on the opposite side of where you originally did your first prop, wait like half a sec then you'll get the spinning Shredder. Shouldn't be that hard


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That's awesome! I've done that cancel before but didn't put 2 and 2 together. Thanks a bunch!
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