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Summoned swords


The devil in the dark
Does he have better mastery over the summoned swords tecnique than vergil? And could dante always have done summoned swords like vergil if he had figured out how or is DSD required? If so why Didnt vergil have any such prerequisite?

Hungry Alien

Well-known Member
I guess Vergil had some affinity with this technique, and Nero got those affinities from him. On how the DSD gave Dante the ability to summon swords, I got no idea since the DSD is such a mess. But if I am to be realistic, I will say everyone using the Summoned Swords is just pure laziness from the devs, given how DMC 5 overuse fan service.

Dio Brando

Well-known Member
well vergils are replicas of force edge, right and neros usally are shuriken and urizen used then too. so i geuss anyone can if you have a affinity for it. it might be a mental projection. vergil didnt use any in dmc3 until he got force and nero didnt use his till he got yamato and dante did use his till he got devil sword dante and urizen didnt use his until he ate the fruit. so mabey you have to have awakend some sort of power to use them. also they seem to be how do i put this symbolic of the user meaning all of them represent whos using them thats why dantes interact with his styles so well. giving tricster a triple jump and letting you air trick twice wthouting being devil triggered, etc.
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