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Stupid thread


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Haha..yeeeeaahhhh so...

This is a really dumb question. But it's been bugging the sheet out of me for awhile now..

I've been trying to send gifs through texts. I download the gif and then I try and send it and *( )* disappears O_O?

That's with everyone I try it with..


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Wish I could help. I haven't owned a smart phone in donkey's years and even then it was a rubbish Windows phone. Can't really help much, but per chance is there a setting that you might need to enable in order to properly send/receive gifs in text messages? Does this occur for all images/media, also?

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I've got a similar issue where my Galaxy won't receive photos or MMS via text. Drives me batty because it always tries to download the pic but it never finishes.
No advice here except to use Whatsapp instead. Easy as.
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