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Stray Souls

Gasoline Tank

Well-known Member
I've played about an hour of it, and it's not bad in general if you enjoy Silent Hill type horror games. However, I did notice clipping issues and a bug in the attic while reading a note, and there's apparently other problems which will need rectifying.

The first hour is basically you walking about this guy's new house as he talks to a woman online, as he has set up a profile on a dating website. It turns out she only lives across the street, though. He has a little dog and you begin by picking up his laundry off the floor.

Turns out his late grandmother who occupied the residence before he moved in was kind of weird. There's some puzzles to solve to piece together clues. One involves playing a piano, another has you using building blocks to read out a message, and the other, a clock.

Then you meet the girl and go on a car journey to the woods. You can change how you answer her sentences to seem a little surprised to pretty much very surprised. Then it becomes rather shooter-ish with these odd monsters attacking you, which you shoot a gun at. So you can go up these pathways, picking up bullets and using boxes on the ground and attached to trees to heal yourself.

It's not particularly amazing, but it's not absolutely awful either.
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