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State of Nero


The devil in the dark
So, from 4 to 5 Nero has gone through alot of changes, he was Dante lite, had a glowing arm and I've been thinking that we didn't really know Nero too much in DMC 4. I mean, 4 was his origin story, it was that incident that made him who he is in 5 so it really felt like DMC4 was Nero's DMC3 equivalent. Although 3 had the benefit of us knowing what type of man Dante was in the end 4 didn't really let us see how it's events affected Nero,. Not so much as us seeing Dante send him the devil may cry sign. It's just odd to think that fro a decade we only had half of his story. It's like only ever seeing Spiderman Learn the with great power comes great responsibility story but then needing to wait 10 years to find out that he became Spiderman
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