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hey for some reason i cant put up my signature! i host the on image shack, but it says "error 404, dont have permision" or something like that!!

Da Hustla

system of a down fan
me too i was on another forum the SoS and i was putting my sigs with no prblem but here i cant


Fearfully and wonderfully made
I will look into this, as far as I can tell ImageShack is the only image host that is displaying the problem. Until I can fix this I suggest uploading your images to either TinyPic.com or ImageVenue.com.

D Assasin

Assasins Never Die
yea i upload all my images from photobucket but if its to big photobucket will automaticly resize it what i do is go to imageshack then i upload the same pic because imagshack takes larger images then i save the uploaded pic on a different file go back to photobucket then upload again and it should work
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