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Selling personal books


Starfleet Demon
I am thinking about writing some sci-fi stories, although it will be long time before I even start writing them - I'm still working on background. So I went looking for sites that enable that, and found following:
If your eBook only contains 20 or fewer pages, it would make sense to price it low to encourage buyers.
If 80 to 100 pages make up your eBook content, then it might be worth a little bit more, let’s say $6 to $9.
If there are more than 200 pages in your eBook, then you could consider $12 to $20

Rebel Dynasty

Creator of Microcosms
$6-$9 seems a bit excessive with only 100 pages. O_O There are full-sized (say, 350-paged) trad novels that go for $10 or less.

Don't get me wrong, it's probably solid advice. But a lot of people won't pay more than $10 for an ebook; anything above, and they might as well buy the paperback or hardcover, instead (I've actually seen it where the latter two are cheaper which boggles the mind, considering printing a book costs more than creating e-copies of it).

Interesting stuff, though. I might have to give it a more thorough look for future reference.
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