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Return of Sparda

Handsome Devil Sparda

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Dec 4, 2020
The theme is time travel and the reason why he vanished that night was he was flung to the future when he had a run in with a demon name Kronos that messed with Spardas time bangle given to him by Eva


Sparda then awakes in a park he recognizes and has flashbacks of the human demon war, but then he thinks he’s under attack and reaches for his swords but they were gone, then he realized he wasn’t being attacked and mistook the buildings as tall sky-scraping demons towering over him, he hears a noise outside the park as a loud horn but only to figure out it’s cars he’s never seen before with blinking lights and when he gets a closer look at the buildings, there are portraits on them but they moved! He felt anxiety and was going to panic and doesn’t have a sense of direction but then he has a revelation and he remembers the one responsible, then utters a name...Kronos
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