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Random AIM covo with me and Kakashi

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Daan smith001: like whoa
gokuG692: kaka
gokuG692: youve been away forever
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: i know
gokuG692: o
gokuG692: here
gokuG692: hold on
Daan smith001: did you see the crazy german kid
gokuG692 wants to send file E:\Documents and Settings\Melissa.MELISSA-60154F5\Desktop\Headshots.txt.
gokuG692: wat?
Daan smith001 received E:\Documents and Settings\Melissa.MELISSA-60154F5\Desktop\Headshots.txt.
gokuG692: ok
gokuG692: u got it?
gokuG692: this isnt my comp right now so
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: i think so
gokuG692: ok
gokuG692: I just deleted of this comp
gokuG692: man
gokuG692: I can make flash sites
Daan smith001: reallly
gokuG692: but they're pretty basic
Daan smith001: reallly
gokuG692: I know scenes
gokuG692: and button editing
gokuG692: and stuff
Daan smith001: reallly
gokuG692: but I need to find out how to make a link to sites thru flash
gokuG692: and
gokuG692: YARLY!
gokuG692: mangavolume.com
Daan smith001: o RLY
gokuG692: ya
gokuG692: rly
gokuG692: http://www.mangavolume.com/
gokuG692: get all of the free manga u want 2 read
gokuG692: =/)
Daan smith001: sweet jesus
gokuG692: wat?
gokuG692: WAT!?!?!
gokuG692: it just recntly started not to long ago
gokuG692: about 2-5 weeks i think
Daan smith001: what ?
gokuG692: you wrote "Sweet jesus"
gokuG692: wat did u mean?
Daan smith001: i mean school rumble
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: where!?!!?
gokuG692: I wanna see!?
gokuG692: !
Daan smith001: therre
gokuG692: wat is it?
Daan smith001: its its that strange gril
Daan smith001: *girl
Daan smith001: and her sister
gokuG692: o
gokuG692: her sister
gokuG692: is a cat?
Daan smith001: no
Daan smith001: has a cat
gokuG692: nii-san and nee-san mean big brother/sister
gokuG692: so
gokuG692: i thought the
gokuG692: cat said
gokuG692: big sis or sumthing
Daan smith001: neee
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: the small girl is the biger sister of the tall girl
gokuG692: o
gokuG692: k, hold on
gokuG692: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0jf9vb63v8&NR
gokuG692: my milkshake brings all da boyz 2 da yard
gokuG692: ya damn right
gokuG692: its betta dan yours
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: dont like her hair
gokuG692: lol
gokuG692: its like 7 or sumthing over there right?
gokuG692: or 4?
gokuG692: what time is it over there
Daan smith001: its 7^^
gokuG692: its 1:00PM here
gokuG692: =O
Daan smith001: lol
gokuG692: u need 2 go 2 america
gokuG692: NAO!
Daan smith001: i want a ....
Daan smith001: MONKEY
gokuG692: Monkeys
gokuG692: are the
gokuG692: most
gokuG692: awesome
gokuG692: being on the
Daan smith001: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiKsO-uaTtQ
gokuG692: planet
gokuG692: dane cook?
Daan smith001: i love this clip
gokuG692: =O
gokuG692: thats mean
gokuG692: and evil
gokuG692: i h8
gokuG692: that 1 guy
gokuG692: =(
gokuG692: D=
Daan smith001: why ?
gokuG692: lol
gokuG692: u dont recognize internet sarcasm
gokuG692: ?
gokuG692: ?@?@!?!?!
Daan smith001: are you a anti monkey
gokuG692: O
gokuG692: no
Daan smith001: guy
gokuG692: I love monkeys
Daan smith001: me too
gokuG692: i was a part monkey
gokuG692: 2 years ago
gokuG692: ...
Daan smith001: you too
gokuG692: i liked to crap in my hand and throw it around
gokuG692: i was an elite
gokuG692: monkey shinobi
Daan smith001: i like to battle monkeys
gokuG692: i was a
gokuG692: jinchu-......
gokuG692: something
gokuG692: and held the 10-tailed monkey in me
Daan smith001: i was kage
gokuG692: thats the strongest of dem all
gokuG692: so
gokuG692: kage isnt a
Daan smith001: http://www.unoriginal.co.uk/footage32_3.html
gokuG692: jinchuriki
gokuG692: or sumthing
Daan smith001: junin.....
gokuG692: lol
gokuG692: and its
gokuG692: jounin
Daan smith001: ..... asck
gokuG692: THATS UBER
gokuG692: did u know that?
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: ok you scare me
gokuG692: lol
gokuG692: fine
gokuG692: be a meanie
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: i want a MONKEY
gokuG692: that sux for u PAL gamers
gokuG692: u guyz get everything late
gokuG692: DMC3SE
gokuG692: MGS3S
Daan smith001: but i got some thing you dont
gokuG692: a half eaten monkey?
gokuG692: cause i have that
Daan smith001: no
Daan smith001: we got
Daan smith001: ********
Daan smith001: hery ********
gokuG692: j00 pH@lL b3C@u53 0F j00R p00R ld3ntiFIC@t0n k@rd. j00 h@v3 n0 Gr33N k@rD
gokuG692: takes too long 2 write, lol
Daan smith001: what
gokuG692: you fail because of your poor identification card. You have no green card
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: like so waht
gokuG692: stop being racist...
gokuG692: have u ever had a teacher named Mr. Crouch and mistaked his name for crotch?
Daan smith001: sry (Europe power)
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: no
gokuG692: wat do they tell u in history
gokuG692: that we beat yous???!?!?!
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: just kidding
Daan smith001: but we have a teacher his name horny
gokuG692: lol
gokuG692: no
gokuG692: idc
gokuG692: anymore
gokuG692: no
gokuG692: more
gokuG692: details
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: o
gokuG692: im making waffles
Daan smith001: no they told us you where so weak that we had to let you kick our ass
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: no wonder
gokuG692: now
gokuG692: we are way
gokuG692: stronger
gokuG692: dan yous
gokuG692: Xd
gokuG692: http://youtube.com/watch?v=V1RFz0Hy22o
gokuG692: watch that
gokuG692: you will laugh nonstop
gokuG692: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vZ598g5-gpk
Daan smith001: hahahahahahaha
gokuG692: heres another
gokuG692: you know how tupac died?
Daan smith001: i do know that one
gokuG692: which one?
gokuG692: I wrote this song along time ago
gokuG692: a real long time ago
gokuG692: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vZ598g5-gpk
Daan smith001: the to pac one
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: what do you mean you can kick our asses
Daan smith001: we got euro fighters that are faster than everthing so we overfly every thing by 4 miles
Daan smith001: hello
gokuG692: Listen close as life turns its pages Makaveli kickin rhymes for the agesSee things in stages, wise words spoken by sages. till sky the black mary pages. your crew dont fase us, well make you bustlers pay us, run up in your spot like CJ from San andreas. I wrote this song along time ago, a real long time ago. FEEL ME! I wrote this song a long time ago, a real long time ago, it was the dopest song I ever wrote, in 94 What can a nigga do,
half the people voted for George W.
Can't be true...for George W.
Can't be true I would choke him,
cuz hes a snitch, I'm talking about George W. Smith.
From city council,
he ran in 93 out in Oakland,
you probably didn't hear about him

I wrote this song a long time ago, a real long time ago...
Way before Slim Shady was in demand,
way before we droped bologna on Afganistan.
I wrote this song in 94

I'm not doing this!

Look around the club see everyone in the place,
showing Pac love and a smile on my face,
the girl in the miniskirt has bad taste,
cuz her shirt don't match she has a pudding stain on her back.
And what the **** is that? It might be doo-doo!
And you in the back you ain't ****,
you bought a Jin and tonic but you didnt even tip
and if you hit this table one more time,
then record might skip - might skip
I told you, stop hitting the table.
1994, I wrote this song in 1994.
I am not alive!
Dave Chappelle that ain't your wife.
You have 2 kids...GO HOME!

I wrote this song a long time ago,
a real long time ago,
way before Beanie Sigel had to do a bid,
way before Dave Chappelle had 2 kids.

2 Pac rest in peace.

Ok I will. ...
Daan smith001: ah yeah we got mozart kugeln you dont
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: sorry
gokuG692: took a while t write that
Daan smith001: ok
gokuG692: all we have to do
Daan smith001: is?
gokuG692: is starty nuclear warfare, and everyone will die, including us, so we win
Daan smith001: damm
gokuG692: cause we killed everyone including us
gokuG692: =)
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: we got france retards
gokuG692: hold
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: we got...
gokuG692: ummm
Daan smith001: oreos
Daan smith001: we dont *CRY*
Daan smith001: wee got turkish IMMIGRANTZ
gokuG692: we got
gokuG692: candadians
gokuG692: in north
gokuG692: america
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: we got germans in the north
gokuG692: we got
Daan smith001: and the british
gokuG692: we win
gokuG692: cause of
gokuG692: DC
gokuG692: (dave chapelle
gokuG692: )
Daan smith001: we got ........
Daan smith001: Arnold swarzenneger
gokuG692: we got crappy reality shows! WE WIN!
Daan smith001: we tooo
gokuG692: crap i forgot
gokuG692: you got shaun of the dead
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: yes
gokuG692: but ha
gokuG692: most of yous got screwed
gokuG692: Xd
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: watch
Daan smith001: we got crapped really crapped soaps
gokuG692: I'm gonna post this convo on DMC.org
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: ok
Daan smith001: we havent got bill gates MUAHAHAHHA we win
gokuG692: well
gokuG692: no
gokuG692: he is only
gokuG692: heritage
gokuG692: he is America
gokuG692: so we win
gokuG692: !!!!
Daan smith001: you dont get it
gokuG692: hold
gokuG692: I'm posting it now
gokuG692: http://forums.devilmaycry.org/showthread.php?p=4127#post4127
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: every thing in america will run on windows
gokuG692: lol
gokuG692: so?
gokuG692: we have
gokuG692: rappers
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: we too
Daan smith001: but our suck
gokuG692: but your sux
gokuG692: really bad
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: i know it is nealy imberising
gokuG692: dont worry
gokuG692: We'll get replys on the topic so
gokuG692: they will all know
gokuG692: =)


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gokuG692: crap
Daan smith001: waht
gokuG692: I want syrup
Daan smith001: muahahh i got vanilla ice cream
gokuG692: so?
gokuG692: mix chocolate with syrup and
gokuG692: vanilla ice crea,
gokuG692: m
gokuG692: you get
Daan smith001: i got a chicken to cook
gokuG692: Goku and Kaka's new ice cream!
Daan smith001: ...
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: YEAH
gokuG692: lol
Daan smith001: we will call it GOKA
gokuG692: no
gokuG692: Gaka
gokuG692: XD
Daan smith001: ok
gokuG692: you ever see
gokuG692: wildnout?
Daan smith001: ha we got mickle schulmacher
gokuG692: so?
gokuG692: we got
gokuG692: cool ppl
Daan smith001: like
gokuG692: me
Daan smith001: ....
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: dont worry
gokuG692: your as close to cool as any European can get
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: jk
Daan smith001: ha we made max pain
Daan smith001: the game and we made all gothic games
gokuG692: so
gokuG692: goth=emo
gokuG692: XD
gokuG692: I'm neither
Daan smith001: me too
gokuG692: I'm a gangsta in da h00d
gokuG692: s0n
Daan smith001: iam mokney in the cage
Daan smith001: aka ninja
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