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Project Soul Hunter


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Been a long time since I actually posted anything but I thought I'd just drop it here as well.
So what have I been doing outside of getting my life in order and all that good stuff?
Me and another person started working on a game project, obviously DMC inspired.
This has been in the works for around 2 years now and is running on Unreal Engine 5.
Still super early in development, but now we are finally getting to a point where we can show some stuff off and let people test general mechanics.

Here are some early Alpha impressions of what we've been cooking up:

And for frame of reference, this is how this project was looking just 8 months ago, lots of big steps were taken lately.

New Combo Video:

We also got a Twitter / X now:

Newest Video from the current Alpha Build, that should become available sometime during this week
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