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Premium Membership and how it helps this Community

Premium Membership subscriptions are optional account upgrades that serve to help fund the continued operation of this website. Included below is a breakdown of our operational fees for our network of communities (updated August 2020):
  • Web hosting: $99.99 per month / $1,199.88 per year
  • Domain name: $10 per year (approx.)
  • SSL certificate: $25 per year
  • XenForo forum software updates and support: $66 per year
  • XenForo forum style updates: $25 per year
  • Third-party XenForo add-on/modification updates: $30 per year (approx.)
We have no investors, and ad revenue doesn't cover even 1% of the monthly running costs. Premium Memberships and donations are our only viable source for covering these fees. As a means of saying thank you to active Premium Membership subscribers, we offer the following benefits:

Premium Membership Benefits

Browsing Experience
  • Absolutely no advertisements whatsoever
Profile Flair
  • Golden styling applied to your username on your profile and your posts
  • A golden Premium badge to show off on your profile and your posts
Account Perks
  • Personalise your profile with a custom Profile Cover image
  • Ability to embed a YouTube video in your signature
  • Increased maximum file size capacity for avatar uploads
  • Ability to specify a custom user title (the text that appears below your username in threads, your profile page, etc.)
  • Utilise our integrated 'Bookmarks' system to save and revisit your favourite threads at any time
  • Exclusive trophy and trophy points

How to Become a Premium Member

Click here to view the Premium Membership subscription page.

Gift a Premium Membership to a Friend

If you would like to pay for and gift a Premium Membership to another person, you can do so via the same Premium Membership subscription page as above.

Donations are Welcome and Appreciated, too

If you would prefer to donate, please do so via our Donations page or through my personal PayPal.me page. Thank you.
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