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People. Please, No Bashing of DmC in the Forum. This is a Rule.

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I Saw the Devil
With the announcement of DMCV looking like it's got a strong leniency towards yes we got a lot of excitement going around and comparisons and discussion of how it relates to the other games are bound to be a huge topic of discussion. Cool. That is to be expected and we're all excited to see what's to come. Specially me.

With that being said we will not be tolerating any bashing of DmC when discussing its relationship to DMCV, or any bashing of the game in general.

We know that it wasn't most people's favorite title, we know many even hate it. I've made no secret that I don't like it, that I find it and DMC4 to be my least favorite entries in the series, so I get it, but this forum is for everyone, fans of DmC included, to have a place to discuss any and all the games in this franchise without having to defend their preferences. This is nothing new, either. This is the long standing position of this forum so in case you didn't know, yes, it's a rule and it will be enforced.

So here's how it works:

  • If you have negative things to say about DmC they have to be presented in a constructive and rational manner.
No off comments about how the game sucks or f*** that game, and so on. None of that. Any comment about the quality of the game have to say why so.
This game sucks because of color coded enemies or poor writing or odd esthetics, bad pacing, not in the spirit of the franchise. That's fine. Even opinion based arguments that can open up debate are acceptable, as long as you're civilized about it. Savvy?

This game sucks because it's s*** and it looks stupid and so forth is not good enough. If we find one of these comments that in no way shape or form push the conversation forward we will remove it and if you keep doing it we will start to take action.

  • Leave Ninja Theory Alone, Already.
Let's get this out of the way once and for all. I think they get it so enough of that.
The same rules as above apply here, if you got issues with them as a developer we expect you to express yourselves in a civilized manner. Don't like them? Cool. Why? 'They're just garbage.' No, try again. Straight up insults and personal attacks against the game or it's makers are not going to tolerated (And just for good measure, the same applies to Capcom, too). I hope I've emphasized that enough.

That is all. Very simple, very easy to remember. These rules are not up for debate so don't bother. We don't care how other forums work, this is how this one works.

Comparisons between this game and DmC are going to happen. Things like gameplay, writing, design, combat, and so on, are going to be discussed. Great, discussion is what we're here for, so don't feel discouraged to bring up any and all of the games up for debate if get our new title. Hell, we encourage it, just be nice about it, that's all we're asking. It's not complicated, folks. Come Monday the 11th it might be time to party. Don't be that guy that starts a fight and brings our party to a halt. We will have you thrown in the drunk tank.
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