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Overhaul and rewrite DmC: Definitive edition

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be loyal to what matters
@Morgan gave me this idea.

I'd probably do a spinoff where Dante gets split into human and demon halves.

It's a more comedic plot where Dante has to figure out how this happened and how to reconcile his two warring halves.

It's more of a DLC than a whole game on its own but it can be.

It can also be canon compliant for the guys like @Goldsickle and @Demi-fiend who care about that sort of thing.

Vergil's gotta learn how this process works and whose a better test subject than his brother?

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
I don't mind keeping NT's vision for the reboot. I'd just change the gameplay structure more. Instead of the linear mission based structure, I'd go for an open world structure. It's more God of War than Red Dead.

DmC feels like a movie when it should've been a tv show. Capcom focused on changing the wrong thing. Plus it solves NT's main issue which is the lack of replay ability and side content. I loved Enslaved but it's not a game I need to replay again.

This new gameplay structure allows you to further develop the world and characters more. DmC Dante's journey from apathetic Outsider to Defender of Humanity could be more gradual.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Fans have said they'd prefer DmC if it was with Dante's kid instead of him. I found that confusing but here's my take anyway.

DmC: Reunion

Dante had a son named Troy who was kidnapped when he was 12. Dante spends the next five years searching for him. He finally finds him in Limbo City but he's a lot more damaged than he hoped. This game focuses more on Dante trying to stop his son from becoming worse than his uncle while defeating the bad guy.

This works as a soft reboot version of Nero but that's not essential. This also explains Dante's DMC2 demeanor without killing off another character. He was distant and didn't fool around as much because he wanted to get back to searching for his kid.

Tales of V-

Because of my username I thought of a V-centered version. It's more Yakuza/Judgement with demons as V moves to a new city and sets up shop as an occult expert. This game is more like the anime where V takes on seperate cases. It has a slice of life feel but their is an overarching plot in the background.

If you want this to be a good guy Vergil story like the roleswap- be my guest but it's not essential.
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