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OG DMC Dodging (How To Use)


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So, you don't like the DmC's way of dodging? Wish you had to hold a shoulder button and do the typical DMC stuff to dodge? Well, while I can't give you the manual lock on feature (yet?), I CAN teach you how to configure your controls to get the DMC way of dodging back.

Head into your DevilInput.ini file found in Documents >> My Games >> UnrealEngine3 > DevilGame > Config. You want to find LOCKON=NTB_NONE and replace it with LOCKON=NTB_RIGHT_SHOULDER, or left shoulder.

Using the same finding process, change the needed lines until they're the following:


And that's it. Enjoy the old way of evading. Maybe we'll eventually find out locking on? I know it exists in the code.
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