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New posting rules

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Is not rat, is hamster
Little addendum, if you like, to the current rules concerning posting.

It's great that you guys like to post so much and obviously that's kind of the point, right? No posts means no forum.

However there are times when we get enormous walls of text which are from other sources (as in, you found them on another site and paste into your own posts). Whilst in theory there's no problem with this, a few ground rules now need to be laid down for the benefit of all.

1. Please do post, first and foremost. No one is trying to turn off anyone's excitement here.

2. Consider whether the post is necessary and pertinent to the discussion.

3. If it's massive, please pop into spoiler tags - this means that people using any device can read the discussion much more easily without having to scroll through tonnes of unformatted blurb. If it is literally pages of text, please just link instead.

4. If it's just a quick quote, please use the quotation tags to emphasise the difference between your words and the ones you are copying over from elsewhere.

5. In all circumstances please cite your sources. Don't just post in a different colour/font/size and consider that to be enough to express a difference within the post. It can be very hard to discern who is saying what otherwise and can lead to potential disharmony.

Again, no one is saying don't post reviews, commentaries, interviews etc but if it is only in text form especially, please refer to the above rules to make it easier for everyone.

Appreciate it guys - you're the best :smile:
Not open for further replies.
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