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New Animated Series?


the horror was for love
I've been seeing some news recently that a new DMC anime started production this year, but everything's been really vague about it. (All I've heard is that the twins and Lady are going to be in it and that it's planned to have multiple seasons, and the guy who did Castlevania's in charge of it.) I know there's been lots of rumours on this stuff before that all fell through, but humour me: what do y'all think/hope they might do with the story? Who else would you like to join the cast? Anything on your wishlist for the series?

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be loyal to what matters
The previous anime never nailed the case of the week structure so hopefully that's better done here.

Hopefully better characterization for Dante and the others. 4, 5 and the reboot was iffy on that but the anime was outright terrible to me.

To me DMC failed when its set after DMC1 so I'm hoping for a better exploration of that era. But I'll settle for a great follow-up to DMC3. I didn't see the previous anime as a good follow-up to 3 anyway so I'm excited they are doing more with that era.

Some cool fight scenes.

A banging theme song.

Better handled moral complexity.

Some cool villians beyond Vergil.

Dante's time as Tony Redgrave to be better used. Both the anime and 5 really dropped the ball on that. The reboot would've had an easier time had it incorporated that era as a selling point.

Better handled romance.

A loose adaptation of the reboot.

Some shoutouts to the manga and other stories.

TGS10's design of DmC Dante should pop up as Dante's human self.

V being Vergil is the most interesting thing in DMC5 but it dropped the ball like KH and the nobodies. So hopefully it's ironed out here.

Patty's mom to pop up as a supporting character. She's pretty interesting and it's a good shoutout to the anime.

Someone did a roleswap au so I'm interested in a bigger swing for DMC. But that's asking for trouble.

I don't mind it adapting the games but I want new stories with a better version of the main cast. Similar to what Doctor who does-


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