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Nevans potential!

Ive been messing around on my Nintendo switch and always play dmc 3 like its a ritual.
Anyway ive been reading up on how people are sad that nevan is useless so was i. I thought..man theres gotta be a reason.
Well check it.
Use (swordmaster) exclusively with this wepon and it opens up a whole new array of possibilities like
X A (1A counts as 2 attacks on ground) combo or upX upA or X downX or switch to nevan while in air A A massive damage and much more.
Nevan>the fallen (air style attacks)
If you have an issue with their sheild go sword master nevan and 2 hit those wings away. It shreds through em like a 1000 degree knife.
Nevan>dullahan *use Air style attacks.
Use nevan on leviathon boss and spam spinning guitar paired with angi and rudie for the sides to make quick work of the boss. Also if you want to abuse super dante just literally fly up into the air and nothing cam hit you during a bunch of bosses. Virgil is made to look like a child as soon as you use nevan with super dante.
I highly recommend training up with it at the bloody palace and swithing between trickster amd swordmaster. Good luck yall.
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Yes you can damage them using the DT Flying Nevan Combo. Or any attack that summons bats. Also with swordmaster you can charge it up like a lazer and let it rock threw them.
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