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Fearfully and wonderfully made
Due to popular demand - the minimum character limit per post has been reduced to 3. Enjoy.


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devilmaycry, someone could just do this


Increase the post limit to at least 58972640826969824920073650465043856
then, there will be no more spammers. :)
at least to 5 though

ShadowNinja X7

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Spam posts should just be deleted. Now if the person is actually saying something the pertains to the topic, or is laughing at something, it should be allowed, but obvious spam posts should be deleted.


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You are way too strict, why we should be aloud to speak our thoughts once in a while...even if they are stupid and/or moniacle. Like this for instance:

Narrator: One day Seig showed up at the forums and wandered around the threads seeing what has been posted while he was gone. As he searches he finds himself upon the "Hurt or Heal" thread and decides to check the tallies so far. When he looks up what has happened he ahs noticed that...wait hold on a second the phones ringing...hello, yes this is Steve the Narrator...what...no I don't want to sign up to your services...you'll what!?...that supposed to be a threat...fine, try as you may....shoot me?...id like to seee you try...well i am nothing more than a voice after all...then how did i pick up the phone?...you know, that is a very good question...I'll have to get back to you on that...ok, bye ass-hole

Ok where was I...you know I don't really care anymore...I'll finish later....jerks.

ShadowNinja X7

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No, what I mean is that someone shouldn't just spam a topic, saying what you think is great, its what most topics are about, but saying what you think about Vergil in a topic about Doppelganger is senseless spamming.
Not open for further replies.
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