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Mode-switching idea

I'm a little new to the modding community here, so I'm sorry if this has been brought up before. It's partially inspired by Astelf's dodging tutorial.
I've been playing a lot of DMC4, DmC, and DMC5 to pass the time recently, but one issue I've run into is DmC's controls. The triggers switch "modes/styles" while the d-pad switches weapons. Basically the opposite of DMC4/5.
Long-ranged weapons on left trigger and short-ranged on right trigger wouldn't work with the reliance on demon and angel modes, but it might be possible for weapon switching to be mapped to the triggers while mode switching is on the d-pad. The only problem I've run into so far is with switching modes, because the d-pad will need to be constantly pressed to stay in demon or angel mode.
Would it be possible to have modes on the d-pad? It's okay if it isn't, I'm just curious.
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