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Mine short stories stash

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Here in this thread im propably showcasing any short story i wrote well today showing first time wedding one:

23rd August. 2029.

Well so many things happened before this date what i recall now, for first mine home country chosen finally to stand against any discrimination it done also for lesser citizens even cyborgs included as whole religious fanatically ruling party was now disbanded since from death of its few leaders, i just don’t believe it so much since it ended that mine ex boyfriend Leon father was one of leaders and well even whole Leon been also member who again tried to take me after even his retreat from that big scandal what happened with one PMC trying to make those human computers and used females in this, even me Alice ended in this nearly if not him camed and intervened at that time. But well now this all is past i don’t need to fear for attacks on me beacuse of who i love.

- Aluce can’t you just stop writing again on your blog any post ?? Today is yours big day and again you on net and that thing.- voice of her mother, just unexpectedly dropped her update plan to give some situation what happened on hers day again in home country Poland and her hometown too.

- okay mom just give me second - she replied and for her short note only added: Today well i have wedding guys and girls more info maybe on night :)

Well for her today could be small stress day as all time she somehow managed to hide from him how she could look on this special day, after all she wanted slightly change from all traditional weddings that concerned use of white colour and her wedding dress been actually different from those all and its been black with small accents of amber colour too. Beside also well whole ceremony could be slightly more private than huge one, beacuse well she not wanted her family in this since its also had too much conservative branches what could not approve her choice of male to wed. And well this now could be an act of defiance from her trurly. But she not cared from now. Beside she hated them equally like they not liked her.

Well an few moments later….

Alice still was nervous,beside the fact that today she was loosing her mother surname for first time, well her mom noticed that now beacuse again she slightly smiled as same she had with Alice father beside whole wedding would be done from her male friend who been priest and actually he was also resisting against new laws that been induced by that overreligious tyrant party what even declared an some people forbidden from god services and that attacked poor and even few Polish cyborgs too, that well been also reason of few people rebellion against whole authority but that not done anything unless that recent kidnap of her daughter but that only finally given fall to goverment and new one chosen whole different route and approach and given more freedom that even caught interest of people from other countries and they chosen to more stay here than be oppressed in their home ones.

Last time when Alice been in her hometown church was been in one of sacraments she got back when shes been as teenager and now going into those marble stone floored place still given her bad as she ended slightly into atheist route now than being believer now but still she chosen to do this. Beside for her whole reward was seeing her now to be husband in something other than trenchcoat or battlegear, exacly rather shes been suprised he could also look handsome in black tuxedo. Beside for her this was contrast from her suprising look of dress as now he for second seen her beside that on Alice face for now was veil, she seen suprise on those unshaded for now gold-green eyes, and well that smile even on priest face beside fact that he once done her mom wedding and now doing it again but daughter one could be honour.

Well whole ceremony been short as it was started automatically when Alice taken her place as her mother let her go and standed beside him just only to fell slightly that he taken her right hand with suprisingly his ungloved left augmented one just slightly to reassure her from her nerves.

- We all gathered today to witness union of those two people, if there is someone who could be against it speak now or forever hold that piece.

Actually beacuse only witness been her mother this goed really fast but slightly for Alice been long time, well when the vows camed on really did she was taking this man as her husband ??

- I do.

And for him to take her as her wife, well he knew the answer straight away even from that time they first met in 2027

- I do,

There was no way she again felt when priest told that from now they are husband and wife and can kiss, when he taken up that her veil by his augmented hands and whole of it was another kind of magic as that was not one kiss when people been as couple but now as married one. Beside now from this day I am not Alice Dark anymore but Alice Jensen and well im would still support mine husband in any way i can
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welp another one :

Prague year 2028, Bar Chaos 23 PM.

She really didn’t remember how this again rebegun. Only today actually her new friend Alex, bar had too many clients and she gladly pleaded her for help exclaiming its so many of people like mercs actually recommended her bar so it had full of people already and more started comming so she needed some people to help again. Alice didn’t wanted today do this but accepted none the less since she loved to get some more cash for herself, but never thinked she could again cross fate. And well after her preparing again third stacks of drinks and before she returned to bar counter she felt certain someone metalic hand touching her shoulder but suprised deep voice confirmed her who just chosen to talk to her and maked her suprised too, why he is there from all places in world ? Shouldn’t he be back actually in America still from what she recalled.

- Alice how the damn are you actually there from all places ?

She just not wanted for now to see him even now she was certainly it was him now. And even unphased he was near, she still reached the bar counter to try to get other clients, but actually still felt him again.

- I need to do something to pay for mine small apartament here in Prague so Im again helping friend.

Now she could look into him directly and could tell that he not changed slightly after their adventure together in 2027 when she was prisoner on that unforgettable ship where her ex-boyfriend mercenary team kidnapped and locked her for few months before he camed and helped her escape. Maybe only change was that one he got new coat than his old black with flowery marks, but nothing changed. Maybe that old time she ended first time having feelings on him but later they ended separated and she never heard from him back until today that somehow they again met. but now what again she heard from him maked her confused and conflicted, she in beggining not took consideration he had same feelings she had once for him but hidden them and chosen to move slightly on.

- Maybe on our first time in 2017, i been slightly cold towards you beacuse i had once totally unsuccesfull relatioship Alice but really i want to start anew and with you this time and no other- She again for this time seen his artificial green gold eyes and total sincerity in them with those words and well second part what he told maked her slightly angered -Well do you have anone as in relatioship ?

Actually her anger and fear took more way than rational thinking and well Alice done something she would later laugh off but now it was immature than serious and on eyes of some patrons and making shock on trying to be now soon her boyfriend Adam, she fastly slapped him in face, and after whole event she got to think and found what she done and been in tears fastly

- Im sorry, really sorry Adam.

And then she even chosen to forget her waittress duty and escaped from whole bar not even looking to any one and not listen especially slightly shocked male after her strike:

-Alice wait !

Actually for her whole fear got onto her side, she knew what he is capable of doing, but she was never thinking she got lucky and having as friend and now male who wanted her beside fact he could kill any one if for her any hurt camed , she remembered that days in 2027 when they ended confronting her exboyfriend mercenaries team and how much blood sometimes flowed before her but now she done propably worser damage now and stupid thing.

And now she ended running away from him blindly and by night whole Prague dosen’t in all places are safe, beside this one where she’s got when wanted not to see anyone, even in late nights here some of places also would be safe and she really tried to return to her place only hoping he don’t knew where she really lived but well her luck worn off when being really near her home just only to cross the whole one of city parks her left leg started to hurt and well she needed to slow down and in end beacuse of unstopping pain to sit slightly.

- Damn- she finally swore realizing her situation now, as she couldn’t now run again if he catches up to her now and she not realised that he done this already but chosen tostay slightly behind and now been humored by whole her sudden immaturity back in bar and now. And for her now whole situation not been fun beacuse of that leg. Even now she felt humilitated and defeated now in whole situation. And well also annoyed from her outburst in bar that she wanted to cry now actually.

- Well now im surrendering as i know somehow you are behind now Adam, i just cannot now run anywhere if you see me now- she told again trying to stand or walk but defeated as pain again surged in her leg ended totally defeated and needing to sit. And her feeling that he chosen to go behind her was not faded as she finally heard slightly quieter familiar chuckle before he finally materialized behind her from deactivation of his cloak aug. just automatically he found what was not right with her as Alice tried not to show pain from her possibly broken leg but its been seenable non the less. The augmented male actually assesed damage what his female friend Alice actually now got but apparently leg was not broken as she thinked but he found it only sprained and needing slightly rest for Alice for now so it heal, so she was defeated but actually would knowing now she was not returning this night into her home anyways.
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Another two short stories and one from them will be having showed soon second part:

23 august 2029. Or rather possible half of its night.

Alice again couldn’t sleep. As usual her illegally nightly activities like blogging called to her so for now she was watching the ceiling of nearly to call presidential suite her mother given for them for this one night. As she could expect in any time from her news that she will have grandchildren.For now her mission was to stealthy get out from bed and go to living room of suite to do small blogging without waking up her husband, she knew could manage this as been sure he was now on deep sleep, and thats could be occasion to get up and do that small activity fast so no one notice this and she could later go sleep again.

So she very slowly got up from bed only to pause if her getting up maked him get into awake but at least for now she not felt this,so done and started her second phase of plan called namely taking her tablet from hiding under of one cushions in couch suite had and started writing few new posts and answering few mail she got from her female friends on this day, mostly ones congratulating her mariage status now, and beacuse of this she couldn’t detect that now not only she was in room too up until very late.

She not noticed him and possibly it worked on his advantage to use as her blogging often got to situations she stayed over in net but not this time, since now ended aware after when she ended answering she felt the coldness of his black metalic hand on her shoulder before again she was put nto hug making her to drop her tablet in haste onto thankfully couch before she cold muster courage to look into only seenable in this night his gold and green metalic eyes, she knew he he was amused by her late night blogging ever in :

- i just thinked you couldn’t end awoken by this well it seems myselfly i ended wrong, okay the next time im not doing this again okay ?

She could always from now to stop this habit of awaking on late at night, as beside her escapades from now could not go unnoticed as after she given her phase in try to avoid any talk , she ended well delighted when rather walking and him following she ended carried by him back into the bed and thats not been the end of things as she childlishly chosen to try the cudling and that ended somehow that they again ended toghether in same position like that one first night after that escape in 2027.

and second one :

theme:short loose of consciousness or well blackout.(part 1)

She knew that still something partially wrong been with her friend Alice, even that she was for now talking with her cheerfully,beside fact that when she was still mad on her beacuse of not giving her ups that her best female friend she has now been married and she always been late to know on things like this.

but now she was really sure something was wrong asof fact her friend suddenly sat so fast.

-Alice are you okay ?? she just called concerned

- No im okay- Alice responded just again to see by herself she was not as for now got to see black instead anything- Okay im not okay, Eve i cannot see anyth…

Alice not ended her phase as she well more blacked out making now her freaked out as she ended catching her and taking with her to bed slightly and maybe praying that whole blackout was not more dangerous situation. To make later matter worse cellphone of her friend was started ringing and she could see somehow stranger number as ID

but she had no choice but to answer as if it would not go answered caller could go more impatient or well she would not think about other situations.

- hello- she answered slightly uncertain as only to hear suprisingly on other side male voice even that one was slightly deep one:

- Who are you as i am sure you are not Alice,

- Well Im Eve and i been friend of Alice from childhood time beside moment when she was out of country for few times. For now i think something is wrong with her since she just fainted on me with mentioning seeing black, im really worried that something bad happened to her so suddenly as for now i maked her to rest awhile.

This all she told only once just to later hear from other side silence before call suddenly ended and chosen to go back for her friend for an second.

- Just stay with me Alice as i think he is also comming.
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this one i think not end as one shot in my opinion :

He was her father,and well now he seen his mistakes with taking this job and what later camed. It was not that it gave the money but regretted thing automatically when his superior started somehow to be really intrested in his daughter too much, it really started scaring even him and his wife beacuse that was unnormal to 15 old getting attention of someone who been more than 20 years old and what scared him too that his superior later from sometime somehow not showed that he not ages also too. When his only daughter Alex got to her 16th birthday he got personal call from him again into private disscusion on late night, when finally all of his fears that his boss could not been sane now confirmed when he really forced him to have his marriage with his daughter when she ends on age, and now after that day up to 2 years passed, well now been 20th June when now his nearly 18th years old daughter reappears in whole city, he started to fear that there can now anything happens as soon on 2th July been her 18 birthday and well this date is slightly gaining some adult privileges in country law even now anyone courting would legally marry and well now this all been really messed up. He once called his daughter and tried to make her not coming to home, but well she was stubborn one and well for now from his superior been silence, maybe he thinked he loosen intrest in his daughter but well really nope.

31 June,,,

Finally Alex been returning to hometown for few weeks as she got finally her summertime since another year of studies ended so she would at least see her father and mother but well she was really very obvious that she nearly been going into really nasty trap.Well when she still been here seen changes that one company from US what in end camed here to her country to replace their main headquaters here, well in beginning maked good as most of people suddenly got jobs but there been unknown shadow of that one incident when one city apparently been grazed from Earth surface but she never remembered the date it been most talked on as she been too young to understand. She heard from her mother some parts of warning to stay away from city like one from her father but really she was not believing the crap that her father had bad contract when her 15th birthday been something about forced marriage but in this case was suppoused his boss idea, once heard that phase that he is not on his mind since that time when she was 15 and seen her,but she still wanted to see her mother at least so she booked an slightly cheap hotel to at once see her. Well she could once or twice seen that her father boss face in local or more nationwide papers but what disturbed her too was that he never look past his 20s still even if age been changed she recalled now he should been at least in his late 30s or 40s. She only seen him twice in parents house and that been really very earlier in her life and never seen that her father before scared and not feeling well that when he once camed again from him hugged her and cried on her eyes.

Now she was returning to her hotel room after small reunion with parents too sleep as second day also she stayed in city before she was going again into small trip. Well it was late at night when her senses been still sharp or well she sensed she is really not alone at all.Even if she tried to now protect herself from intruder it was wain as she ended fastly overpowered and well her enemy chosen to drug her by using mild sedative fastly, only what she hoped that she imagined now been that she seen propably unnatural eyes of the intruder as any human rather not has red gold or cat like eyes.
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An new story i wrote myself its will be on 2 parts only but finally back on writing :):

12 th June, i will never forget that date even in mine now Afterlife, finally this

happened on mine school trip, beside well i have no one left in this world who

would even cry at mine funeral now since mine parents are dead, and i had no

friends also in school so much too, only got pain since i been bullied or abused

mostly and no one cared about that issue of mine. Some of games been in end mine

only escape from that painful reality and i sometimes wandered into toughs what if

in after death we could go to our own paradise or even into more easier oblivion

rather than common belief of Heaven or hell.

I really not regret it now as im not fearing death even now in final moments too

see all mine classmates or even bullies bloodied corpses from this whole crash,

for me maybe this is an last toughts of leaving this plane of existence since i

feel so much now mostly sleepy. Beside name Alice, 17 and im now not fearing death

again, i have no one loved there, only sometimes had crush like most girls on

those characters that not existed and that now not mattered anymore..

Sometime later..

First sound she hearded was these ocean wave sounds, for her it was utmost

confusing now to hear like that and it caused to open eyes. And to find that she

is in ocean slightly but near beach of looking exotic island. She fastly gotten

herself up from water and marveled also on whole change as sky was blue and clear,

water was clear too, beach looked normal and island well had those exotic plants

on this and it looked slightly not inhabbited only before she did double take and

see that it had manmade road slightly seenable from grass. Also what suprised her,

he clothes now been more summer than her spring bloodied ones she had in her

final moments, as she got blue tshirt and small green skirt. This shocked her too

and well automatically she knew that she propably ended dead on 100 sure. What

most shocked her after her small trough island walk beside seeing that it even had

an river too beside being water of sea, also now she found two way cavern but that

one also had an parts that she was not alone there as in it been an few lit

torches too, but most shock been to her beside it. There were also waterfall and

whats more intresting on this place she could see and what shocked her an small

white modern house. So it meaned that island been not without human already.But

her shock coul be bigger if she realized who beside her been on this isle too.

Beside she quickly seen who it was as even from her point she seen goodly that

balcony when doors to it opened like from sci-fi stuff. And most strange whas who

she seen beacuse this cannot been unseen for her,but well seeing someone who she

tough was fictional than real been also strange, but could explain that fiction

can be real somewhere but for after death maybe the afterlife plain been for all

aviable without from what dimension you camed from originally. but most for her

been shock as the person she seen also on one moment seen her and she was sure he

had recognized her and been stunned also too but her stupid mistake maked her

haste back into that beach she was before and well it was also time she noticed

something new on her skin like an mark or brand she was not having before it been

black like some tatoo but looked regal on her, so she also been sure its had some

importance now on her. Did she know this been her Soulmates one as well she got

few more beside one too.

- And well how i can spend night here as Im sure it ends cold also and im only in

summer attire?- she was worried as there been begining of sunset now and well this

meant on cold night incoming and she was unprepared and sad really now, and not

seen that she was observed and someone just used on her an sleeping dart very fast

she only on second seen that thing near her skin when on end landing faster on

sleep so she would not feel being taken away.

Next day, location the house on border island of Oblivion realm and Heaven.

She apparently woken up really early for her in life and propably only scare for

her been that she was not alone in the room as beside her on the chair apparently

had slighrly snoring the same male she had seen yesterday. So she was in that

house she thinked but all now been really strange as she is dead for sure so why

now she is seeing people here what been tough as only works of fiction as this

been ridiculous now. At least she was still in same clothing and not naked. Only

what startled her been that sudden call from propably still sleeping male :

- Please don't leave me Alice.

Another shock, well how someone being fictional know her name, this goes slightly

spooky matter now really. Now just she wanted to confirm this is not an dream

instead and she will wake up soon in hospital than being dead.
But having instead an tought of staying in afterlife with favourite fictional or

more characters would be nice than that Heaven where is no fun and more of boredom

dimension as she deduced this all from these religion lessons they bored her with

that tought of Heaven/Hell ideology she called both planes of existence boredom so

instead believed there been third one called Oblivion and now what, well seems she

got to that third one really.

But what to do now ?? Especially in this situation, Okay this is smally fun being

on third afterlife plane but why on this are living here also an fictional

characters too as im seeing actually one, who i not mind since i liked him in his

game but now in reality dunno what to do as its strange for me really especially

he called me my name, so well i have to maybe respond too. Alice got her courage

later and after thinking an okay answer just used maybe softer voice what she was

sure on first time not told before:

- Im here and im not thinking on leaving forever for now this plane of life Adam.

And this been her downfall for second as she was sure he heard her, this was not

intentional as she tried to be quiet in voice but here we all dealing with an

cyborg but she was still not prepared and well in the shock .

-But really where i am?-she called- My last memory is been at tragical car crash

accident where all of my class been dead from this also and im sure i died last so

the fate on me had laugh to see all people die first, it been sad as my whole life

been sad since im no one just an lone orphan with no parents or people i been

friend and maybe i loved on short time. All of this broke her into the crying

again it was unfair, and she was not noticing her enviroment again .

-So well welcome into the afterlife and well to Oblivion as this island is bored

of afterlife planes, that house most time is empty since its allowed by law of one

of Kingdoms in this dimensions what im taking you as propably you are not aware

that im not only one of yours soulmates who been waiting for you to come back into

Oblivion there is also at least 4- or 5 waiting back in biggest Kingdom what has

big city in one of larger islands that we call Insomnia propably later im going to

take you into that island since that will be needed but as told we all are glad

you are back with us Alice- called back to her Adam- been few years when you been

taken back into living people and some of them your soulmates been not happy on

fate orders but they could not do anything only to watch.

- So this place is only so called borderline than only one island, im really sorry

but i think some of my memories been erased by the higher wills so i will not

remember what is afterlife i felt some easy when camed on island shore but been

dumbed as couldn't recall anything.

-It will come back later to you recalling all but as told Me and that 4 back are

glad you camed back to us Alice, im pretty sure when memories come back to you it

will be easy to return in life of Insomnia as told you been high ranked person

here thats why I been one of yours mates as it been allowed for high one to have

more than one soulmate to live with within Oblivion, so not be guilt of short

mortal life as its not giving anything now. Im taking you back to Insomnia so you

will really like there its like this island on weather but more on big city feel

too, it been 2 years when i had watch on border in case you comeback as that city

been more of my home but having orders from command makes me have duty to do.

- Btw i can ask Who rules that big city as im unfamiliar really ??- Alice asked

-Well uhm, the whole Oblivion kingdom from Insomnia is under of Orders of King all

times, this one been your first soulmate, he was named Noctis, Im well one of

Insomnia generals so im under his orders and well been your second soulmate, there

is one very good skilled man who controls all kingdom information network he is

yours third one, man who takes assasinations order is fourth what i recall and

there is head scientist who is fifth one, i can't tell too much on names as all

wait in Insomnia at least can tell not all of them been in good moods when fate

forced you to go into mortal life some been violent disagreements but calmed down

already i think. Just i hope no one from them did genocidial at least on now.

This been for Alice new thing, not only she been for long in Oblivion it seems

also she had some mates she will be soon meeting now on Larger island of this

whole dimension and well this could not wait for her now as in end she smiled.

-So well can we not come and see them all as i want to meet people who i been mate

even if my memory been slighty erased by other will on mortal life im not afraid

now to contact .

-So well then prepare Queen- Adam joked- Im sure you will enjoy the Insomnia

especially that Palace too, for me that life been too bland as i escaped it from

time to time but now can return to it too fully.