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Mine new fanfiction or short stories stash


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
Since well last of my Fanfic thread on forum is so old, chosen not to do necro thing with posting new story, rather to make new thread on the case and well enjpy tease since this is bigger project and well my new story since some years passed i posted anything on forum.

Well stories here will be for various fandoms but also someday i would drop my old DMC story too here,

So well enjoy first story i even done on this year:

The only thought running through her head, was that she was going to die in this locker filled with filth and used sanitary products. When suddenly in a blink of an eye the vision changes from the locker to….

Two beings spiral through the empty void, crystalline structure glinting in the pale light of distant start. As they move towards a pale blue dot, already beginning to close in their helix spiral, in the distance, a third approaches from above.

[DESTINATION] The Warrior states,
[AGGREMENT] The Thinker responds, now starting to select worlds and hosts for the pair’s shards.
[TRAJECTORY] The Thinker communicates, running simulations and giving Data on where they will approach and the host species.
[AGREEMENT] The Warrior accepts the Data package, using its own precognition to plan an approach and its actions.
[INTERRUPT] The third entity looking more like black void in this case chose to take action and practically take over the shard of the Warrior that was going to give its power. Instead giving his own black shard of the same power.
Then she hears something.

“Great, **** the Thinker I will get someone more heroic not some scared girl.”
Finally Taylor looked and what she saw was not a locker filled with filth but a void full of stars.
Seconds later a hand touches her chin, tilting her head up. What she sees was someone looking like the famous golden hero Scion, but the difference was stark. The first was the colour which was more silver than gold. The next was that one eye was hidden behind an eyepatch, which meant he lost it. Next to the man stood a woman, looking pale and having black hair with smears of blood in it. Her lab coat which she was wearing, was also smeared in blood and something strange was the ID card that was hanging on the coat. The ID had a strange organisation which she didn’t know named UAA stamped on it. She also noticed a black suitcase in the woman’s left hand.

“Okay Abbadon” the woman said “This could be my last chance for redemption for what I did under orders of the UAA. I know you snagged me from my dimension before they killed me and snagged this suite case from my Ex-Boss. I hope that nothing happened to the girl in her panic which would spoil the operation...”
Taylor swallowed and found her voice again in this strange situation, because she didn’t know what was happening which prompted her to ask, “Who are you two?”
“The silver/gold coloured guy is the third Entity named Abbadon the loner, who snagged me mere moments before my organisation who I worked for could kill me. I was the Head Doctor of the UAA, which was trying through inhumane experiments to create living weapons. My name is Doctor Ashley, and I am trying to rescue the only one who survived the experiments of my Ex-Boss and his psycho Girlfriend. I won’t tell you her name, this bitch deserves to burn in hell for what she did. Abbadon interrupted your trigger with the shard of the Warrior named Queen Administrator just to give you his version of the same shard which will give you some powers. So, what I will do is mask the presence of the shard because on Earth Bet there are a lot less from Abbadon than from the Warrior. Also, I want to give you control of the experimented person by me and my team. In this suitcase I have with me is a control chip created by UAA which will be implanted in you. It will allow to create a mental link between you and the experiment. It was destined for the psycho, but I couldn’t in good conscious give control of someone who was enhanced with nano bots to some evil psycho.”
After a second thinking Taylor looked to the woman and asked

“So you also abused someone?”
“Worse but true”
“And now you regret your choice”
“I always wanted to be a hero” – Taylor began and choose to take the hand to Doctor Ashley” Because what hero would I be If I couldn’t give someone a second change if they wanted to change”
Ashley looked to Abbadon, and silently asked with a look if it was ok. The only thing he does is nod in her direction. After that Ashley opened the suitcase and took out a syringe where the small black/red chip was suspended in a white liquid.
“This will hurt for a second Taylor”
The next moment the syringe pricks the skin near her neck where the spine was, to transfer the chip there.
“Augh” screamed Taylor.
“Now that all is handled Taylor, in the next two minutes the AI in the chip will start the link procedure for the mental link. The Ai is codenamed Eden an in due time will also talk to you in your head to explain all that happened and give you control of the number 1 assassin of UAA. Please take good care of him because he had a hard live on my earth.”

Finally, Taylors wounds are catching up to her and she blacks out for a moment. Abbadon knew he had to send her back, so he took the empty syringe and placed it into the suitcase. Now that the part of the doctor was finished, he hoped that she can get in contact with his other shard, especially the Eye Shard.
For Taylor, after a moment when she got awareness back, she saw small red text and heard a female robotic voice in her that greeted her as Eden. She explained that the process for the bond started and gave a partial insight who the person will be, that she now has a link to.
After nearly a minute she hears a voice which sounds like Doctor Ashley “Oh a full bond happened? Interesting. Now take good care of Travis and good luck kid.”
The next moment she hears the entity which makes her jump “Take good care of my shard and I hope we can chat sometimes as you have triggered with my shard Agent. Also, when you see my other Agent someday greet her for me. The only thing I can tell you of her is that she is a woman.”
Looking into his remaining eye she started to forget what happened. The next moment she is back in that locker, the only thing different was that the door had been broken by someone and she was finally freed. What she sees in front of her is someone with blue eyes that are hidden behind sunglasses. Also, on his right eye there was a visible scar that could be clearly seen because of his short spiky black hair.
And that was the last thing Taylor sess before losing consciousness and the view fading to black….


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
Well this is continuation of first post of story i did yesterday :

The only thin he was remembering, where his own memories and even the were not so nice at all. After he was used the worst thing happened to him: Betrayal. From a person he not only wanted to call boss but also his lover. She used a moment of distraction, which landed him as a target of experiments. The only one that was morally against the experiments was Doctor Ashley. Because she called them disgusting but couldn’t do anything overtly. She tried to sabotage it or to slow the whole experiment down with the nano-enhancement infusion he was receiving in captivity.

Even he knew that the chance to escape was practically nil, because he was isolated in the lab.
Then one day finally… Silence and peace…. No guards or scientists.
The only thing he could see were a void full of stars. And then he saw him. Sure, the person could not be called a human, because who has a silver/gold skin. For now, the thing was looking at him without talking to him and the next moment he hears a voice in his head.

“Doctor Ashley is dead. I only transported her here because she was needed to do the procedure which was designed to implant the control chip on your world to the girl where I interrupted her trigger event. If I didn’t interrupt it, she would have gotten the power from the Warrior, and you would not have the chance to meet her. Which would be catastrophic for the girl because her live onwards would be a living nightmare. Now that you are here you have a chance at a new life on Earth Bet. The Doctor and the AI of the chip has already given the girl enough information about you, who will be your new handler. Now you have a mission. If the girl fails or you end up dead, the Doctor will lose her chance at redemption, but I know and hope that it will not come to that.”
He grimaced slightly at the thought of living again with his memories of suffering and what he did under the control of UAA. Someone again called him for a fight after what he did. Why?

“She is suffering” he hears from that silver/gold person. “Your new handler. She is suffering and need help”

“Can you feel her emotions so called Crownless King?”
He tries to fell and is blindsided by the feelings:

He knew these feelings from himself too good.

The silver/gold person begins talking again
“I will send you now to Earth Bet Brockton Bay, to the exact place where she is contained. What you will see is not for the faint of heart. Good Luck”
Then a silver/gold flash and he found his eyes opening. He was in a corridor of a school possible high school by the look of the class doors and numbers. Finally getting the feeling back in his hands, he can feel the beam katana and he was ready to strike.
But where was his new handler?
A moment later he smells something bad, breaking his train of thought. Looking forward, he sees one locker shudder. A weak bang echoing through the empty hallway. Practically resonating with the bond of his handler.
He strode forward, flicking his beam katana upward, splitting the lock of the locker. With a single pull, he wrenched it open, revealing a pair of half-mad eyes set behind a pair of glasses.
Reaching forward, he dragged his handler from the locker, freeing her from the surrounding filth.
“Are you okay?”

The girl in his arms shudders and gazes up at him. Green eyes met his own blue even if they are behind sunglasses and for a moment they focus – only to roll upward as she fell into unconsciousness.
He sighed. A cursory examination from him showed his handler was suffering from damage to her hands and legs- she needs someone to heal those soon. Thinking what he needed to need he was shocked out of reverie from the AI Eden. She was warning him of a deadly danger. The sudden click of the crossbow alerts him of the incoming bolt, which he swipes away with his beam katana while turning fast in the direction of which the bolt came from.
He came face to face with a masked girl who showed up from nowhere. The next moment he hears a growl from the girl while she tries to shoot him and his handler, focusing on his handler.
He could kill her sure – he had enough encounters with assassins in his home dimension to do that. But being in on a different world and city he didn’t have the knowledge to ascertain if killing the girl would be a mistake. So, he chose to make a non-lethal takedown of the girl. He advances impossible fast on the girl while his katana is sparking from lightning. The next moment he shocks her with it, also the hallway, doors, lockers, walls, and the floor.

His lightning power suddenly goes wild, making the whole corridor flow with electricity, which knocked out some of the lights on the floor out. The girl which is screaming from the lightning tries to escape by changing herself into gaseous form but failing miserably. The crossbow falling from her hand, which was too hot to hold from the electricity coursing through it.
Lifting his handler, he turns and runs for the doors. It was possible that the girl was not alone. He needed to find a hospital in this world for his handler. She could be fine so long her wounds would not end up septic, but if she had enemies (and knowing one Assassin was after her) he needed to train her that she can fight back.

As he strode away from the school building, he had a moment to process that he was now in a different world and place. What was going on??
The girl needed help. That was familiar to him.
And now just Eden AI chirped happily that he has his armour at his disposal, which he used to travel even faster, and he chose to use it now.
Within nano seconds, standing in his place now was armoured figure in white, nearly resembling Japanese fictional Gundams, and it took to the sky for now with his handler in armoured hands safely.

Seconds later, a red blur speed into place. Velocity stood still a moment, then blurred up the stairs towards the yells and panicked screams of people.
Still, he was lost, this city was totally different to him. Well, even when he was high up in sky, someone noticed him in his armour. A girl, blonde hair peeking from her knitted cap, glanced in his direction, and instead of shouting in surprise she gave a grin, which collapsed fast. The girl chose to sit on a nearby bench, clutching her skull.

Lisa Wilbourn aka Tattletale, groaned as she sat down on the bench. Her head was hurting again, it wasn't often that a massive mystery just happened, and she wanted to look. Trying to figure out Coils powers the last few days, even if he showed them to her and gave her new team a string of very lucky successes. He claimed that he can control destiny himself, but she was sure he could only control probability mostly but some of the things did not add up. And now she was on the edge of a thinker headache, when she gave up for the day, and chose to head into the city coffee shop for a drink and now this happened. She just seen glimpse of figure in the air.
Not afraid, no fear of flying, has powers. Holds girl, not kidnapping, looks for something. Help? But for what? Not looking for a particular person, no seen able body language. Trying to maximize protection of girl, maximize speed, is the armour tinkertech?
Unknown cape to her, powerful mover with nice looking tinkertech armour, new to town. Good to know, but after what she done, the headache had been brutal. She will have to go into PHO later.
Lisa jerks upward when that cape for choses to land near her.

"What the hell"- Then froze looking into the armoured helmet even looking into the blue coloured visor of it.
"Questions for another time" He stopped her. Glancing at the people now looking at him, he even smiled under the armoured helmet. "My friend here is in need of healing. Could you please tell me where the nearest hospital is?"

The girl blinked, her eyes even widening. "What, what happened to her?" She muttered and again looked onto the armoured man "Um, there's the downtown hospital two blocks that way." She said pointing in the direction of the hospital.
He arched a brow beneath the helmet "I see. Thank you for your assistance. If we meet again, I will do my best to answer any questions you have but I really need to go".
Finally again going into air, he chose to try some of his moving powers this time and speeding up. He finally landed on the building with a red X, and he smiled. There we are. I will have to thank that girl later. Lisa watched the armoured figure vanish from her sight first going upwards in the air and then boosting his armour to travel even faster. Seconds later again her thinker headache came with full force back,
Moves even faster in that tinkertech, but not as fast as a bullet. Has some body language, so I am sure that's powered armour with a person in it but who is it in this case. Also, it was controlled emotions real, humanity not so much. Protective of girl, knows not her name, but she is important to him. Familiar with powers and used them, has limits which he is not aware of.
Not just new to this city, new to this world?

Has powers they just don’t feel parahuman, unlike the girl he was holding.
Well, this is interesting. Maybe somehow useful too.
Lisa got a smile on her face again. Her boss wanted control - but now a new and strong player came into the cape game. I wonder how he will react to this.
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