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MGS5:PP worth playing for the story/experience?

Dr. Cheesesteak

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So I'm about 10 hours into MGS5, just finished Mission 6. I'm aware of the story spoilers (and even the jarring moment that happens at Mother Base during Quarantine...which i wish DIDN'T get spoiled on me), who Snake is, etc etc.

I'm just...really not having too much fun w/ the game. I've realized I don't really care for infiltrating the same bases again for side missions, don't care/like the base management, and just generally don't like the downtime of open worldness in between new story missions. Granted, I know the maps change and the repetitive bases are just side missions so far that I can skip, but it's still sorta just lost its luster as a whole experience, except for the story. Small things like saving the puppy are nice, though. :)

But I love the MGS series and almost feel a bit obligated to play MGS5 given its various relevances - Kojima's last MG game, its open world design for its time, its polarizing effect among fans, Quiet, the aforementioned Quarantine mission that I suppose has lost its impact now on me, etc.

So I ask for anyone who's played it, finished it even - should I just tough it out and play it til the end? Or just watch the story on YouTube? I still enjoy gameplay moments here and there - usually the actual infiltration/stealth sequences in new bases. But the in-between is just really drab for me.

Thanks for any input!
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Hmm. The MGSV storyline to me is an interesting one to try to recommend. Like I think that the moments that it has are pretty cool in a vacuum. But they don't really gel together that well as an actual narrative.

Take that as you will. I enjoyed the gameplay so I was able to make peace with the fact that I didn't find the story as impressive as 1-4 but if you're not enjoying the gameplay then I can see how just watching it on Youtube might be preferable.
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