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MegaMan X Bass with Vergil style - Reimagined


Mercenary of Darkness
Hey demon hunters! My friend and I had a discussion to propose a new idea of creating a new reimagined of Bass in order to add him as a new MegaMan X lore that could actually work. So here I am, would like to share my ultimate dream character with my own reimagination mixing style with Vergil in Vergil's pose.


Credit: https://www.deviantart.com/kharaxel

He really reminds me of Vergil from DMC due to the fact that he wears the badass cape from the EXE series and Rockman Online universe. I also imagining him using a Katana Saber aka B-Saber as his primary weapon and attacks like Vergil. That would be absolutely astonishing and literally becoming the Vergil version of MM universe.

I really believe if CAPCOM decided to bring something new to the table for MegaMan X9 game, they should consider to bring back a character from the classic series which is Bass, to make it more interesting, entertaining and exciting as well. He could potentially be the best/strongest anti-hero character in the entire MM universe and a new rivalry to X, Zero and Axl. Just like Vergil fighting against Dante and Nero, considering Bass and Zero are technically brothers whom was made by Dr. Wily.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Mercenary of Darkness
Thank you man! I really appreciate your feedback! I'm glad that you're curious about what actually happened to Bass during the time period between the Classic and the X series because I already wrote the introduction part of the fan fiction in my Wattpad website. This is the story so far that I've done for your idea which is still in progress:

Let me know what do you think about it.


Fearfully and wonderfully made
I'm not super familiar with the Mega Man or Bass, but this looks pretty neat! Good job!


Mercenary of Darkness
Thanks Steve! I really appreciate it! I'm currently writing a fan-fiction for this which is very similar to DMC5 storyline where MegaMan X, Zero and Axl meet Bass for the first time and spark a new ultimate rival to the Maverick Hunters. I'll be sure to post more new chapters here in this thread for you guys to read it.
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