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Mallet Island Maps, Models, Pics etc.

Nightmare Omni

Well-known Member
I'm wondering if anybody ever made a Good Birdseye View Map of the Whole of Mallet Island?

Or how about Architectural Replicas of the Buildings in CAD?

Maybe Minecraft Models of Specific Parts or as a Whole Island?

How about a Map/Floor Plan of every Area with acompanying Pics?

Or a Hacked Walkthrough Video to explore everywhere without Enemies like a Tour? (I've seen these done for Rapture in the Bioshock Games)

Memory Limitations at the time of Game Creation meant loading screens between areas but could a composite Island be made as a Mod or Indy Project for Viewing or even an Open World Free Roaming Fan Made Prequel/Sequel/Revamp Game? (Non Profit of Course)

I always loved Mallet Islands Architecture and Internal Decor so would love to see more in more varied ways than just a Replay.

I look forward to any Info, Ideas, Opinions and Discussion! :)
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