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Lost Soul

You can download it here: DOWNLOAD

I wanted to create something that was kinda, scary. I'm not saying this skin is in anyway but I like it.

  • Glowing Yellow Eyes
  • Black Coat with Red Outlines
  • Red Gloves
  • Black/Red boots
  • Dark Jeans
  • Pendant Glows
  • Pendant Chain looks more like metal
  • Rebellion is pure black with a red outline
  • Spider tattoo



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Can you tell me the exact tint you used for the colors of the coat, I'd like to replicate it, or even swap the red and black for a more " classic" Dante, along with short white hair !


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I can't find colors that look right both in the real world and in Limbo ... they always end up looking glowy and orangey in Limbo ...
I don't know what I am doing wrong on this one.

I signed up for the site and logged in. When I go to the page I see a download button and a captcha thing above it.

Every time I try to download it just loads a page saying it can't find the page I requested.


Fearfully and wonderfully made
Keep getting an error after I put in the captcha thing and click download.
I'll look into that for you now. But, thankfully, the problem isn't present when you register, so please do consider signing up while I get to the bottom of the problem.

Edit: Nevermind, we posted at practically the same time! My bad!
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