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Kat - Expanded Punk Magic


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I really liked Kat’s style of magic. Preparing magic before hand is a great idea for a modern witch imo.

So, I’ve prototyped what she might use in a fight. My ideas are focused on using the magic she already showed and adapting it to fight demons (and Angels?). Open to suggestions, I’d really like to see some ideas for Punk style magic.

Tattoo buffs. Kat is already covered in tats, now we learn that the ink she used was made with magical ingredients. Passively they act as a shield for Kat (needs to tank those hits), maybe they also act as a portable Limbo Portal which would function kinda like angel dodge.

Molotovs. Simple bombs? Maybe a combo-finish. Longer combo strings lead to a bigger explosion. The idea is the smaller attacks act as set up, she's storing magic in them that is waiting to be detonated. Maybe there are only ~3 tiers and it always knocks you and the enemy away from each other so it isn't the only combo-finish you'll use.
Trap style, drop time bombs on the floor. Slam a bottle on the ground to leave a big circle of fire for some AoE DoT damage

Spray paint. Exceed style? With timing you can splash paint on them after every successful hit. The paint bursts into technicolor damage after a half-second. Maybe quick, consecutive "Paints" before the "pop" stack up for a multicolored firework effect.
Trap style, Kat whips out her graffiti stencil and kneels down to spray paint some runes on the ground. This would take time and leave her vulnerable so in exchange getting a demon to activate it should be really rewarding. Maybe you could use different stencils, one would explode and launch an enemy while another would impale a demon to freeze them in place for a few seconds.

Chains. Kinda punk. Throw a bike lock on the end, smack a fresh coat of demon runes on the side and you've got yourself a magic flail. Crazy idea, Kat befriends/makes a contract with some type of Limbo beast, Chains finisher involves Kat tugging back on the Chains which act like a leash for the demon as it busts through reality to attack Kat's enemies.

Egg timer. This would act as Kat’s DT. For simple implementation I’d say it works like Quicksilver style, which would synergize really well with her traps. For a special DT attack, I’d love to see something like the (gravity switch?) that Kat uses the egg timer for in the main game. The only thing I can think of is switching enemy’s gravity to slam them on the floor or ceiling. If you could cancel out of it, a skilled player could use it to drag an enemy back into melee range after blasting them away with the Molotovs, for example.

After proof-reading I think Kat would use Chains as her weapon with Molotovs and Spray Paint on the triggers to augment the attacks/ mimic Dante’s Angel/Devil mode.

Bonus. Kat uses her magic to give Dante a Tattoo weapon. Make it out of his Nephilim blood so it's really like a Devil Arm. Maybe something like a whip. Maybe it's a malleable weapon that takes on weapon shapes in a tattoo style. Maybe that's too much.
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