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Jesters indetoty

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Vergil Sparda

A son of Sparda
Not to long ago I relized that arkham,mary,and jester have the same weird eye coloring and I though they were all related,but I thought that couldnt be.I was playing the game over again for fun and then I noticed that Jester and arkham never apeare in the same cutsence ever,and thats when I got to the end of mission 13 and I knew who Jester was.
When Jester said "expect a spanking from daddy later" Jester was the one who "spanked" Mary,then when arkham stabs Mary in the leg with the kalina-ann the camra go's to Dante and Vergil then back to Jester who is pulling out the kalina-ann from Marys leg when arkham was the one who stabed her...and even then arkham is nowhere to be found in the sacrifical chamber.

So Jester is arkham devil triggerd or somthin,or that book arkham had possesd him to doing evereything.

Give me opinions please!:D


aka Bindshooter1
.....i think they are one and the some person and if iam not wrong he once sayed to Dante that he had to dress up like a komplett idiot so he will not die or something

Blood Knight

Demon Warrior
i don't know about jester being a devil trigger. i think either being jester was just an act so arkham could get close to dante without too much suspicion, or jester is another personality caused by the ritual he tried to become a demon in when he killed his wife. could be could not be, but thats what i think
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