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James Gunn's DC- Gods and Monsters

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be loyal to what matters

I like most of it.

Damian is an interesting choice because he hasn't become an adult in canon. Currently he's 14 so we would be in uncharted territory. Unlike the comics his actor would age out the role pretty fast. So I could see them just doing the Harry Potter thing where he's older in each appearance.

The Authority would work better as an Elseworlds tale than in continuity with the others.

Supergirl hasn't interested me outside of the new 52 take. So I rather get Power Girl instead.

WW Paradise Lost sounds cool.

Booster Gold and Creature Commandoes sounds great.

GL, Superman and Swamp Thing are too vague to really form an opinion yet.

I wish we had an adaptation of Bruce Timm's Gods and Monsters.
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