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Is Devil May Cry anti-Christian?


Is it me or is the Devil May Cry franchise anti-Christian?

The DMC protagonist Nero is named after the real historical figure Nero who was notorious for persecuting and committing a massacre against Christians in the ancient Roman empire.


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Nah, DMC had a initial inspiration by The Divine Comedy and It was evolving taking different elements from different cultures.

DMC4 has a Christian' s major influence but the name Nero isn't by the emperor but a black blanket that he has when was a baby front of the door of the orphanage.


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I don't think Japanese developers think very hard about these kinds of things, they typically take iconography that looks cool but rarely understand the true implications/historical-religious context behind them enough to be making statements about the religions themselves. Shin Megami Tensei and the slew of censored religious icons in NES/SNES games from their famicom counterparts are two good examples to point at.


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Not just Japanese developers, lots of developers prioritize the rule of cool over anything else. Nero is a cool name, and DMC is all about style.
I wandered in here because I met someone who had played the game and I am yet to buy it. The games focuses by its storyline alone on demons and "coursing blood". Now as long as it not cursing blood you may be fine. Love and Light.
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