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interview with Paul E. Niemeyer the creator of the first mortal arcade logo kombat 1

interview with Paul E. Niemeyer the creator of the first mortal arcade logo kombat 1

Hi everyone, I am Sergio Reyes Ledesma in Street Fighter Advanced Player Fan. It is an honor to do an interview with Paul E. niemyer the creator of the logo of the first mortal arcade kombat 1

DOM, 2:44 PM
Paul E. Niemeyer

This is an account of the events that led to what brought Mortal Kombat and me together.
It goes back to the days he was employed by Bally / Midway, 1982-84. My boss was Greg Freres, and we both work for the pinball superhero, Paul Farris. I worked with Greg on some projects while I was in Bally and then I was independent in 1984.
Let's move on a few years before Tony Ramouni returned to Italy. He called me and wanted to know if he wanted his desk that he got from the old art department when they were giving them away to everyone ... I wondered why he hadn't got a desk when they were giving them away. (Awkward silence...)
Apparently, someone forgot to call me for free desks! I laughed and said to Tony: "I have one anyway! Everything works!"
A little later, I don't remember how long, I received a call from Greg Freres to come to Midway for a meeting about a new game where they wanted me to work. I showed up for the meeting with Greg, Jack Haeger, Ed Boon and John Tobias. They presented the general concepts and designs that John had made for a game called "Dragon Attack." At the end of the meeting, my pen had run out, so I grabbed the green marker on the table when Ed Boon said, "Oh, the name has been changed to Mortal Kombat." I wrote in italics, "Deadly Combat" and Ed Boon, looking over his shoulder, said: "With a K" and corrected it with a heavy "K" ... then I thought: "I better write this in capital letters. It's not A mistake what I'm supposed to do here! "
Upon leaving the meeting, Greg Freres joked with me: "I hope this compensates the desk!"
It took me a minute to get it ... I had forgotten about the desk, but then it occurred to me and I chuckled and said, "We'll see ..."
In my car, in the parking lot, while organizing the notes of my meeting, Yngwie Malmstein heard a guitar cable torn on the radio, so I wrote it, with a pen that worked! And, Yngwie Malmstein adhered without realizing the Mortal Kombat legend forever!
This was the humble beginning of the phenomenon known as Mortal Kombat!
I have included the printing of that draft design in which I wrote my notes to change the name to "MORTAL KOMBAT". It was hidden in the art files of Mortal Kombat, along with all the other illustrations I created for the game (and the notes and messages that direct the project to its end).
I have received numerous requests to obtain a copy of this, so I made copies to sell it.

Sergio Reyes Ledesma
Amazing thanks for your reply
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