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If you could change weapon moveset.


Is not waiting for GTA V.
I know there's a mod called Strive, however I have some pet peeves regarding DSD and Balrog.


The weird thing about the Drive move, is how it keeps changing the button input in each installment. Hold and release triangle in DMC3 then Lock on + back + circle in DMC4, and now lock one + back + forward + triangle in DMC5.
To me, back forward move should be reserved for a powerful attack, like Dance Macabre.
While drive could easily be hold and release.
Anyhow, why can't Dante use air stinger? Nero has Calibur, Vergil could do it with Force Edge combo. I guess they wanted to lock that move behind Cavaliere R?

Sword Formation

I do like the idea of Sword Formation being the 5th style, this is how the issue of not being able to use prop/shredder with a circle button can be solved.
The Round Trip here is fine as it is (I can activate it while Paranoia), but the hold triangle for Sword Formation felt misplaced.
Like I mentioned before, this should've been drive/overdrive move. Lock on + back + forward + circle would've been better.
After all, it's best that all sword formation movement are bound to one button (circle in that case).


Nothing new here, the biggest complaint is the major road bump being the mode switching mechanic.
Just like with DSD, all of the kick mode moveset would be under triangle input and blow mode under circle. It's was easy to squeeze all of kick mode moveset unto triangle, but it gets complicated with blow mode squeezed unto circle button...

Kick Mode

I dunno why, but Updraft should've been lock on + back + triangle, but guess that road bump (Mode switch) is the problem. While Flint Wheel could have lock on + back + (hold) triangle. Just like how we can launch an enemy midair with any character, either by pressing or holding lock on + back + triangle.
Break Spiral is technically a reskinned Kick 13, but you can Beyblade all you want. Naturally it'd be lock on + forward + triangle.
Friction could be (mid air) lock on + forward + triangle like Nero's Payline.
Firestorm is fine as it is, only you input triangle instead of circle.

Blow Mode

Oh man, here we go.
Rising dragon/Divine Dragon/Minimum Dragon should've been held not tapped, the tapping drives me insane. It was perfect with holding the circle button, why tapping? Here in my theoretical rework, it'd be lock on + back + circle (Hold)
Real Impact is a powerful move, so lock on + back + forward + circle.
Cruiser Drive, just like Friction (mid air) lock on + forward + circle.

Now I'm super conflicted regarding Middle Break. Since the theoretical rework has circle button reserved for Light Blow and circle for Welter Move. Either you'd have to combine Middle Break with Bantam Revenge like in that Strive mod, or press triangle while in Welter Move or circle + triangle. Feel free to suggest something better!
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