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Ideas taken from DmC:The good and the bad


The devil in the dark
So Im pretty sure It's no secret that DMC5 took clear inspiration from the failed reboot, so I'd just kinda like to discuss what were some of your favored things adopted from the reboot and your least favorites, also things you wish they brought to the main series but didn't, for me.its smaller things, like Dante being able to materialize his sword (not that I didn't love how in every adaption other than the games it had the Best timing when it came to busting in a room autonomously) I don't like how Vergil is pretty much a grown composite of his DmC and DMC self, I get why tho, they had to considering Vergil didn't have much sympathetic characterization in the original game, it all came from fans and additional material

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
I don't mind the modern day aesthetic.

Vergil using Doppelganger is cool. I thought it fit his character. I just wished he got it differently.

Him thinking his mom loved Dante more was interesting but unnecessary. If this was another story set before 3, I'd give it more slack. It's hard to care about that when Vergil's bringing it up in their 40s. When they are 16 or younger feels more appropriate.

People claim Nero's 5 design and character was based off New Dante. I disagree because Nero wasn't that different from New Dante in 4. So it feels like he came full circle.
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