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I wish I knew more about Trish's Abilities!

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Indeed. o.o

True, something to think about, at least.

"That useless being? If you need a mother, I can create it as many
as you want. Just like, I created Trish."

Now imagine an army of Trish's XD lol


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You guys also forgot that she may possess a degree of Ifrit's power. When you okay as her in DMC2 you use Round Trip, and once she's swordless you jump and she cloaks herself in flames and uses Ifrit's air attack. Although she is just a reskin of Dante in this game, so I don't know if it was intentional or not. Her fist attacks did mimic Ifrit's animations.


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Last comment was made over 2 years ago and nothing truly informative has been added here. Check dates before posting please.
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