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i-frames at the start of jumping or evade 1 and evade 2 like in dmc 3?

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Hey for anybody who still plays DmC Reboot, I had a serious question, do any of u guys know if you have i-frames at the start of your jump or at the start of your evades1 and evades 2 just like in dmc 3? I'm having trouble confirming this because, in the mission 1 hunter boss, I noticed that if I jump when the hunter slashes at you with his dagger, you can dodge it (doe I only tried this method in mission 1 once), but in mission 19 when you face mundus, I couldn't really use jumping as a "CONSISTENT" method to dodge his charging metor attack, or his fist slams. If anything can confirm if jumping or evadings 1 and 2 have i-frames the start, that would be greatly appreciated.

ALSO WHY DOES RICHOCHET (Holding the Gun Button Move), do so much damage to mundus when you beat defeat oth of his arms? The part where he's opening his mouth and u seem some blue light in his mouth, cause launching a richochet projecting in there did some much damage and this was on normal difficulty.

Fyi: if i asked this before i am sorry


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I think when you jump the same time the enemy attacks, you get a "Perfect Evade" bonus?
If so, then jumping invincibility frames is kinda official in that game.
Don't know about the consistency problems.

Deleted member 41833

I found out that during mission 19, Mundus metor attack acts kinda differently so I can cross that out. Thank u for responding.
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