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How to Talk About Video Games


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Heheh, informative and funny is one of the best combinations :3

The "Complexity =/= Depth" thing sums up how I've felt about the control variation between DMC and DmC.

I can still do everything in DmC that I could do in DMC, but now I can do it with much more ease. I feel much less restricted, and I like that. It kept all of the depth DMC has, but it made it more accessible - hot damn just like they said they would!

I was so tired of seeing comments bashing DmC with "What, it was hard to hold R1, back on the stick, and press Triangle?" No, it was quite simple, but hitting one button is muuuuuuuuuch simpler.


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99% of what is posted in gaming forums are pure assumptions and speculations, normally backed up by ambiguous quotes that are contorted into "evidence" for fallacious claims.

For example, there are still people out there who honestly believes that Shinji Mikami and his team was forced to change Resident Evil's gameplay format, when several interviews have clearly stated that the team were genuinely tired of the old style and wanted to try something new.

It's sad, because official media like developer interview, design documents and production notes aren't closely guarded secrets and you can find them if you look around enough.

Dio Brando

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you are not entitled to your opinion. you are entitled to your INFORMED opinion. no one is entitled to be ignorant.
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