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Hit me with your dad jokes/puns!

Do you enjoy dad jokes and puns as much as I do?

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Azure Night Goddess.... Or Wesker's daughter
So with how things are with the world… I’m sure most of us would like a little laugh… or groan (mind out of gutter! :ROFL:). I’m a sucker for puns and dad jokes. So hit me with your best!

I want to keep this extremely positive. So please don’t post anything inappropriate. Last thing I want is the Admins and Mods to unleash their wrath from the heavens!


Azure Night Goddess.... Or Wesker's daughter
I broke up with my old console. Nothing was wrong with my Xbox, but it was time for a Switch. :sneaky:


The Dark Avenger © †
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I was watching the formula one on TV. The loud noises of cars whizzing past. Gave me a racing headache.


I Saw the Devil
Dad: Did I tell you the one about--
Child: No! Stop it, dad. You've never made a good joke in your life.
Dad: Well, I made you, didn't I?
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