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Historical swordfighting videos


Starfleet Demon
Post any and all videos about historical swordfighting you find.

About fencing in movies:

ScholaGladiatoria videos; guy is excellent:

Katana vs Longsword

5 worst fantasy swords

Warhammer 40k close combat weapons


Starfleet Demon
Japanese Katana VS European Longsword Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword Answer Video
Basically, the original video is bullshit. Katana *does not* have better armour penetrating abilities than longsword.

Medieval Swords - Holding Them Wrongly? Response to Shadiversity

Throwing swords, ending rightly and disarming yourself
- essentially, you can throw a sword, it can be effective, and you will not actually be disarming yourself

Quarterstaff vs sword
- staff is good, and actually faster than sword, but does not do much damage
- sword is a sidearm, staff will - if carried - be a primary weapon; a sword and a polearm is much superior to a sword and a staff
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