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Hideki Kamiya talks about his career.


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Good series.

I'm surprised he mentioned even a shred of DMC2 in Speak of the Devil, though.

What little details he gave on the first director are: the director was previously a planner in fighting games and is his age. There's almost 20 people that fit "planner" across the fighting games CPS1 developed, Itsuno is out because he already got director credit on 2, half of them go by pseudonyms and a majority don't have their personal details on blast to even figure out their DOBs.

Kamiya has cemented himself as a Bro for still not naming names. (y)

It also shuts down all speculation about it being Ono since he's never been credited as a planner for any game he's ever worked on, much less a planner in any fighting games done by Capcom Production Studio 1.

It'd be funny if it were Ryota Suzuki/Oni-Suzuki, though. The amount of games he's credited as Planner for before 2003 would make it a fun little redemption story about how after DMC2 happened, he dove back in at 4, helped make DMC5 the best action game of the year and bounced to NetEase and Square. Good on him if true.

But we'll never know though.
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