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Hi all!

Hi all! I just registered on this forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Goodness James and I am a big fan of Devil May Cry. I enjoy spending a lot of time playing this wonderful game, and would love to connect with like-minded people to learn more about what makes it so great. I'm very happy to have found this community, and I'm sure I'll find many new friends and interlocutors here with whom I'll have common interests. I also hope to be able to get more information about the latest updates, discuss strategies and tactics for the game, and share my own thoughts and ideas.

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Welcome to the forum. Sadly there isn't any information released or projects announced.

But I hope you enjoy your stay regardless.


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Hi, my name is Zeri, I'm from Zaun and I love the Devil May Cry saga. I think this forum is like the light to the final tunnel. I would like to be able to meet people with my same taste with this great saga and to be able to share opinions and experiences. My favorite character is Nero/Dante and my love Trish ❤
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