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Hello there.


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Hi! I am SparagusParty, a gamer and a new Youtube content creator - I do commentary on anime and gaming (and other things as well) with the goal of educating and uplifting my viewership and spotting patterns of philosophy, shared thought pools, tropes, ground held in common between various cultures and series, etc.

I have engaged with the Devil May Cry series quite a bit, and I thought to impart my unique perspective through a commentary series on the origin of Dante and Vergil featuring a lot of speculation and observation. It seemed wise to me that I should register with a forum and promote my videos somewhat.

If anyone is interested, here are some links to a few short sample clips taken from the main videos in question.

"How the characters Dante and Vergil were created"

"The Difference Between Classic DMC Vergil, and Vergil from DmC 2013"

"How Vergil Differs from Dante"

"Why Nero is so important for the story of Devil May Cry 5"

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