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Hell & Hell S-Rank Commented Walktrough with focus on Nero and V


I have made a commented walktrough for Hell & Hell with focus on Nero and V.
The aim with this guide is to debunk a few myths about the difficulty (it really isn't that hard) and at the same time show you a few simple tricks and combos - what I like to refer to as a baseline moveset and mindset - that will allow you to play both safe and stylish. What this will do is allow you to take up to two hits per mission and still get the mission S-ranks without any problems.
I've structured the guide so that it takes one charachter at a time, with for Nero a long intro on how to safely and stylish with some simple combos and camera manipulation techniques defeat all enemytypes , all diffrent enemy combiantions and all bosses; and for V some basic tips and tricks on how to aviod using auto-assist (on two of the four missions).
The point of playing this way (not going for neither the 1.2 no-continues bonus nor the 2.0 no-damage bonus by instead getting the required 5500 stylepoints without any bonus) at least for me was to mitigate the randomness, nervouness and tediousness steming from the fact by jumping around and shooting with Nero or using auto-assit with V a single misstake or cheapshot would force restarting the mission enteirly.
Here is a link to the playlist:
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