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[Guide] DMC3SE (PC 2006 Port - Vanilla) - Xbox/Generic Controller Configuration [2023]


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Download and install everything. It is also required to restart your computer after installing ViGEmBus Driver.

  1. Download and install the required files especially Speedlink Strike Driver, HidHide and XOutput.
  2. Connect your Generic Controller.
  3. Run XOutput
  4. Create a new Game Controller.
  5. Click Edit and assign the corresponding buttons. DO NOT forget to enable your Analog button before assigning the buttons (Analog LED must be red/turned on). Also if the Right Analog Y-Axis seems inverted, click Invert to fix the issue.

    This should how it look like after the configuration:

  6. Name the controller however you want it, close the configuration window, then click Save Configuration.
  7. Click Start to "convert" your generic controller into an Xbox.
  8. When you run "joy.cpl", you will see 2 controllers.

  9. Run HidHide.
  10. On the "Applications" tab, click + to add all your XInput wrapper programs (DS4Windows, XOutput, x360ce, etc.) but do not add keymapping programs (JoyToKey, AntiMicroX, Xpadder, etc).

  11. Go to "Devices" tab and you will see 2 controllers.
  12. Put a check mark on "Enable device hiding" and also to your main controller (Dragonrise/Generic Controller).

  13. Once you run "joy.cpl", you'll only see the virtual Xbox Controller while your Generic Controller being hidden.

  14. That concludes the steps on how to "convert" your Generic Controller into Xbox.

If you find L2/R2 or LT/RT not working in your (emulated) Xbox Controller, you can do one of the following below:

  1. Now that the virtual Xbox Controller is left alone, open JoyToKey.
  2. Create a New Profile, name it DMC3SE Triggers or whatever and Save it.
  3. Assign Button 11 and 12 to Q and E. (Pressing the Triggers in JoyToKey will highlight the Button numbers yellow so use that to determine the button number)

  4. Keep JoyToKey running in the background.
  5. Go to your DMC3SE game folder and Open "dmc3se.ini" using a Notepad.
  6. At the bottom of the file, copy and paste this Xbox Config Template. This will mostly work for any Xbox controllers as long as the name from the Game Controllers (joy.cpl) window matches with the one on the bracket. In my case, my Xbox controller's name is Controller (Controller(XBOX 360 For Windows)) so I need to place this one in the bracket.
    [Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)]
    START = 7
    SELECT = 6
    CIRCLE = 1
    TRIANGLE = 3
    SQUARE = 2
    CROSS = 0
    L1 = 4
    R1 = 5
    L2 = 10
    R2 = 11
    L3 = 8
    R3 = 9
    L<->R = 1

  7. Save it, run and test the game.
Video Tutorial:

XInput Plus
  1. Download XInput Plus.
  2. Extract the folder and run XInputPlus.exe as Admin.
  3. Click Select on Target Program and find DMC3SE.exe.
  4. Go to the DirectInput tab and tick the Enable DirectInput Output.
  5. Click the drop-down button beside LT/RT and select Button 11/12.
  6. Click the drop-down button beside GUIDE and select Button 13.
  7. Click Customize then do the following:
    Left Stick-X = Y_Axis Left Stick-Y = X_Axis


    OPTIONAL: Head to Setting tab > Others > disable the Enable Init Beep.
  8. Click on Apply button, confirm everything and close XInput Plus. New files will appear in the game folder (dinput.dll, dinput8.dll, XInput1_3.dll and XInputPlus.ini).
  9. Launch GPadCfg and assign the buttons. Click the Reverse Icon and double-click the Save icon to Save.
  10. Launch the game and test the controller.
Video tutorial:

If you own the CD/Retail Version, it is important to update the game to the latest version if you want to try mods like Style Switcher. To check if you're using the latest version, simply Right-Click the "dmc3se.exe" file and click Properties. Go to the Details tab and check File Version/Product Version. If it's not, then you need to update the game.

Here's the official v1.3 patch from Capcom.
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