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Genocide's Back.

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Well I joined when the forum was just made so maybe one of the veterens might still be lingering around here somewhere. So, yeah I just left since school had started and I had work. But now that I quit work I can spend alot more time here.

Hopefully I can meet all the new people and maybe one day see if devilmaycry will stop by and organize this place.


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Yo im still here Genocide!!!!!!!!!
Can u guess who this is?
My post count says it all, but i had a username change....

I'm DANTE!!!!!!!!!
Welcome back yo
You go in and out like no mofo fo sho


Devils Never Cry
no problem dude

u know................i like when Dante meets Nevan and he says: " U will be nice wont u?"
lol...................coz i like that part too
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