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Favorite Area in Devil May Cry


Hot-blooded God of Guns
What's your favorite area from DMC1? For whatever reason? What makes you love it so?

For me, Karnival's hangar is one of my all-time favorite rooms in the DMC franchise, though. Not sure why, maybe because it perfectly encompasses gothic and contemporary in that one small room (the architecture and then technology like a plane), and then there's badass Dante just getting swarmed by the demonic puppets, which encapsulates the kind of game DMC is - crazy, dark action.


I Saw the Devil
I think those areas in the first three levels, the castle corridor, the cathedral, the sky bridge, the stair case, and the water fountain. The seem the most 'survival horror' to me and that was part of the draw of the game for me.


I love that room with the mirror and the statue that you crave the sword, it had such a cool creepy feeling. The coliseum where you fight Griffon is very cool too, but i pick that room with the mirror (mainly when the Dark World is already taking effect on the real world).


Keyser Söze
Where to begin ? the whole game is a work of art !

The museum,the sewers,the library,The hellsish versions of levels with creepy music,but if i really have to choose one it has to be the entire castle hands down.


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I liked Mundus' throne room a lot. Despite being in the underworld and having to confront Mundus, it seems like a peaceful place XD


Supporter 2014
Entrance room. It looked like the Ivy background (I think it was Valentine Mansion) from Soul Calibur 1.

Is it a coincidence that Dante looks a lot like Ivy...?
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